David Greene, Ed.D.

Adjunct Professor

David is currently an adjunct professors and also serves as both the Vice President for Student Life and Chief Diversity Officer at New Mexico Tech, a nationally recognized STEM university. As the VP for Student Life, Dr. Greene provides leadership and strategic direction for all aspects of student life including residential life and housing, counseling, student accessibility services, career services, recreation and well-being, study abroad, international student services, student engagement, student leadership programs, student governance, and university auxiliary services. Manage the develop of staff who are charged with providing and environment where students can thrive. As the Chief Diversity Officer, he is responsible for guiding efforts to conceptualize, define, assess, nurture, and cultivate diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts across the campus community. Dr. Green works across the campus to develop a strategic plan for DEI and provide key input and leadership to committees focused on needs faculty mentoring, undergraduate and graduate student retention, and increasing the number of historically underrepresented students of color and women studying in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics areas.

As the director of the University Student Commons and Activities, Dr. David Greene provides leadership, strategic direction, assessment, and management of programs and services that enhance the student experience at Virginia Commonwealth University. He is responsible for capital project development, student organization advocacy, information centers, student governance, and educational programming. Prior to this role, Dr. Greene was the director of student life at the Community College of Philadelphia, the interim assistant director of student life and coordinator of the LGBTQ Resource Center at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

As the director of student life at the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP), Dr. Greene provided leadership programs and services at the main campus and three regional campuses. He worked across the college to collaborate with campus constituencies to develop and improve programs and services that support student learning, satisfaction, and success. Dr. Greene co-chaired the first-year experience team at CCP which focused on reducing students’ time from first-time enrollment to graduation.

As a first-generation, non-traditional college student, Dr. Greene believes in the importance of an educational environment that engages faculty and staff who support students. He has been actively involved in creating and championing programs and activities that support the growth and development of individuals. He has a proven track record of engaging campus partners, has been a key member of Academic and Student Success leadership teams that work to create an inclusive and diverse community for students. Dr. Greene strives to foster a workplace climate were employees are respectful of differences, and a learning environment grounded in self-reflection and a commitment to personal development.

Dr. Greene believes in developing students as leaders and is a strong advocate for self and shared-governance and the idea that students are accountable to each other and the wider community for speaking and acting with integrity, reliability, and accountability. He believes that at its heart, self-governance gives students real responsibility and accountability for their actions, behaviors, and growth. He understands that self-governance starts with the beliefs that as adults, students are capable of making good decisions; as leaders, students can address problems with others with maturity, openness, and civility; and as members of the community, students work to make the campus community the best it can be.

As a practitioner, Dr. Greene understands the role higher education administrators play as change agents. As an educator, he understands how important it is to empower students, faculty, and staff to become agents of change. Throughout his career, he has taken the opportunity to reflect on power, privilege, and agency as it relates to his work.

Dr. Greene received his bachelor’s degree in Political Science and both his master’s and doctoral degrees in education, with a focus in urban leadership and policy studies in higher education administration from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Dr. Greene’s dissertation is titled “Transition from employment to college: Perspectives of Africa American and Latinx women.”

Organizational Leadership and Develop, Diversity Awareness
University of Missouri-Kansas City Ed.D., M.A., BA
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