Benjamin Pascoe, MFA

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-0425

Benjamin Pascoe is an award-winning filmmaker who has written, directed, produced and edited a variety of films that have screened for enthusiastic audiences around the world. His foundation is in narrative storytelling, but Ben has developed a taste for both experimental and documentary works. His most recent feature film, LEAVE IT ON THE TRACK, a documentary exploring roller derby culture in Austin, Texas, enjoyed a lengthy run on the festival circuit, including a celebrated world premiere at the 66th Edinburgh International Film Festival. 

One of Ben’s current projects, POLAROID YES, an animated film shot with actual Polaroid photographs, has been screening internationally and online over the past year and has recently won “Best Short Film – Genre Experimental Film” at the Lime Light Film Contest.  

Ben has always been interested in teaching, but his spark was reignited while living and working in Austin, Texas. As an instructor for the Austin Film Society, he helped high school students write, shoot and edit their own short films. Ben found this to be an extremely rewarding experience and he decided on a career path that would offer him the best of both worlds: “Avila University encourages excellence in the classroom as well as professional development from their faculty. I fell into a wonderful opportunity here; one that will allow me to grow as an artist, and one that will enable me to guide our young filmmakers in their intellectual and creative development.” 

Since joining the VisCom team at Avila University, Ben has come up with a set of priorities. At the very top of that list are his students: “I have spent my life developing a certain set of tools. Now I have the chance to share my knowledge and influence the next generation of storytellers, as we collaborate and discover new paths together.” 

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