Tim Buividas, Ed.D.

Professor and Partner at the Corporate Learning Institute

Tim began adjunct teaching in 1995 and has continued ever since. Tim’s adult learner teaching style is rooted in his influences of appreciative inquiry. He has honed his engaging platform skills from nearly 25 years of delivering workshops, seminars, and teaching. He is exceptional at listening and even better at asking questions. He caringly holds his students accountable to a high set of standards. He utilizes a process consultation, authentic leadership, experiential learning, and good old fashion values combination of lecture, technology, simulations, experiential activities, and research. He is an expert in managing group dynamics.

In addition to teaching, Tim Buividas founded The Corporate Learning Institute, a boutique learning, and development firm in 1992. He enjoys learning and development with participants to create performance breakthroughs and organizational change among all levels. He has consulted entry-level to executive-level participants. He works one on one, or in group settings.

Buividas provides consulting services that focus on performance management, strategic planning, values work and culture work, managing change, effectiveness coaching, leadership development, organizational development, team building, group dynamics, and personal style assessments for companies whose goals are to create positive change throughout their organizations.

Seminar topics that Buividas has designed and delivered include basic sales to advanced sales training, effective negotiations, effective supervisory, management, and leadership development, coaching and building high-performance teams, meeting management, training the trainer, conflict management, communications skills, values integration, new hire orientations, change management, customer service, project management, and personality style.

Buividas has provided seminars and events to small groups to thousands. Buividas has provided growth opportunities at Corporate Learning Institute by managing an active intern program that has hosted undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral interns.

College Programs
Over the past 25 years, Tim has designed, managed, and or delivered over 100 training and development programs to over 6000 students (The majority who were undergraduate), facility, and or staff from 26 different colleges or universities.

Corporate Programs
Over the past 25 years, Tim has designed, managed, and or delivered hundreds of training and development programs to over 70,000 participants from over 600 different clients.

Program Evaluation
Over a 6-year period, with approximately 5000 collected, program evaluations, that Tim was involved with, averaged 4.3 on a 5.0 scale. There was over a 90% recommendation rate from program participants.

Management, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Doctorate of Education, Organizational Leadership - Argosy University
Master of Science, Management and Organizational Behavior - Benedictine University
Bachelor of Science - Illinois Benedictine College
Associate of Science - Moraine Valley Community College
Author – Team Assess Survey – Corporate Learning Institute
Author – FISH! Workplace Assessment – Charthouse Learning
Certified Moderator – Process Designed Training - The Liautaud Institute
Certified - Denison Culture Survey – Denison Consulting
Distributor – Everything DiSC – Wiley Publishing
Distributor - DiSC Profile – Wiley Publishing
Distributor - Team Dimensions Profile – Wiley Publishing
Qualified - - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - CPP
Certified - Situational Leadership – Center for Leadership Studies
Distributor – SLII – Ken Blanchard Companies
Certified - Foursight Creativity Assessment – Foursight
Mastery – Thomas Kilmann Conflict Indicator
Authorized – FISH! Philosopher – Charthouse Learning
Certified Facilitator – Black River Center
Certified Facilitator – Corporate Learning Institute
Certified Facilitator – Irons Oaks Adventure Center
Certified Facilitator – Lincoln Marsh
Certified Facilitator – Pretty Lake Adventure
Certified Facilitator – Woodstock Center
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