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Wendy Acker, Ph.D.


Alexandra Adams, Ed.D.

Chief Operations Officer Phone 816-501-3778

Dana Adler, M.S.Ed, RT(R)(M)

Instructor, Radiologic Science Phone 816-501-3612

Emily Alley, MS

Assistant Professor of Strategic Communication Phone 816-501-3646

Ivan Allhiser

System Administrator/Network Support Phone 816.501.3695

Katherine Alsip, MSOD

Adjunct Instructor

Lawrence Altman, J.D.

Adjunct Professor, Business School

Danielle Amey

Office Manager – Academic Affairs Phone 816.501.3759

Megan Anthony

Project Specialist (Achieve) – Upward Bound

Jennifer (Chrissy) Arasmith, M.S.

Adjunct Professor, Psychology

David Armstrong

Director of University Mission & Ministry Phone 816-501-2423

Matt Arnet, LCPC

Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Anita Arnold, BSN, RN

Simulation Assistant Phone 816.501.3687

Megan Ashcraft, MSN, RN, CNE

Assistant Professor, Nursing Phone 816-501-3686

Gary Atito

Athletic Trainer

Kenny Baker

Director of Undergrad Admission Phone 816-501-3777

Jason Baldwin

Associate Vice President for Student Life Phone 816-501-3754

Stanley Banks, MA


Bret Beachner

Assistant Coach – Football

Dakneisha Beard

Financial Aid Coordinator Phone 816.501.3609

Lindsay Beardall, M.S.

Instructor and Laboratory Manager

Grant Beck, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-3724

Chris Begg

Assistant Coach – Baseball

Betty Berg, MBA

Adjunct Business Administration

JD Biggs, M.B.A.

Adjunct Faculty

Bill Churchwell

Director of Facilities Phone 816.501.2414

M J Bland

Asst Coach-Football Phone 816-501-3707

Abbie Bliss

Events and Engagement Coordinator Phone 816.501.3613

Lonna Boen, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor, Nursing Phone 816-501-3688

Alec Boren

Assistant Director of Undergrad Admission Phone 816-501-3776

Debra Bortniker

Office Manager Nursing Phone 816-501-3671

Sarah Bostrom, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Criminology

Jared Branch, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology Phone 816-501-2447

James Brauer, Ed.D

Director of Graduate Education

Rhonda J. Brown, MSN, RN, CCRN-K

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-2917

Amity Bryson, DMA

Chair of the School of Performing Arts and Professor of Music Phone 816-501-3651

Leah Buck, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-2416

Brian Buckler, Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing; Director of Undergraduate Business Development Phone 816-501-3723

Tim Buividas, Ed.D.

Professor and Partner at the Corporate Learning Institute

Katherine Burgess, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-3685

Hanen Burkee

Director of International Students

Jim Burkee, Ph.D.

President Phone 816.501.3750

Daniel Capp

Director of Housing Phone 816.501.3748

Andy Caraway, MS, LPC

Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Matt Carpenter

Head Baseball Coach

Emma Carter

Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions Phone 816.501.2968

Cheryl Carlin, MSN, RN

Associate Professor Phone 816.501.2409


Assistant Director of Athletics – Operations/Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Phone 816-501-3736

Natalie Cobb, Ed.D.

Chair, School of Education, Director of Undergraduate Programs, Associate Professor Phone 816.501.2432

Carol Coburn, Ph.D.

Professor Emerita Religious Studies, Director of the CSJ Center for Heritage Phone 816-501-3713

Shanda Curiel, Psy.D.

Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Stephen Daggett, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology Phone 816-501-3654

Julie Dampier-Cook, M.A.

Adjunct Professor, English

Angela Danley, Ed.D.

Director of Clinical & Field-Based Experiences Phone 816.501.3663

Megan Deaver, MS

Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Deb Denavs, M.A.

Adjunct Instructor

Jim Doyle, MS

Adjunct Professor

Amy Drouin

Senior Director of Development & Planned Giving Phone 816.501.3727

Drake Engleman

Maintenance Technician

Erick Mojica

Assistant Baseball Coach

Nicole Esquibel, MFA

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-2404

Robin Ferguson, BSN, MSOD

Adjunct Professor, Leadership Effectiveness Consultant and Coach

Molly Fisher

Director of Donor Relations Phone 816.501.2450

Holly France

Research Assistant

Kenlee Frank

Graduate Assistant – Softball

Cindy Freeman

Assistant Athletic Director, Senior Women’s Leader, Head Coach-Dance Phone 816-501-2478

Tara Fuller

Evening/Weekend Supervisor Phone (816) 501-3621

Jonathan Gambill

Assoc Vice President Information Svcs Phone 816-501-2436

Karin Gastreich, Ph.D.

Professor; Chair of the School of Natural & Applied Science Phone 816-501-2996

Kristin Gaughan

Admin Assistant Nursing Phone 816-501-3672

Philip Gebauer

Graduate Psychology Enrollment & Retention Manager Phone 816-501-0419

Leah K. Gensheimer, Ph.D.

Chair of the School of Psychology & Cognitive Science and Associate Professor Phone 816-501-3698

Daniel George, Ph.D.

PROFESSOR Phone 816-501-3799

Laura Gibson, MA

Adjunct Professor

Eiko Gilliford

Office Manager College of Science and Health Phone 816-501-3655

Fatima K. Gines

Director of Tutoring Services

Sam Glass

Assistant Coach – Men’s Soccer

Malcolm Gold, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-3656

Roberto Gomes

Graduate Assistant – Men’s Soccer

Caryl Goodyear

Director of Nursing Partnerships

Charlene Gould, Ph.D.

Professor of Theatre (retired) Phone 816-501-2411

David Greene, Ed.D.

Vice President for Student Life | Chief Diversity Officer

William Gregory Price, B.S and M.P.H.

Adjunct Professor, Department of Professional Schools

Katie Grier, MS, LCPC

Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Alexis Guyton

CRM Data Coordinator Phone 816.501.3783

Tim Hackett, B.S.; M.S. (Journalism)

Sports Information Director/Instructor

Kendall Hart

Instructional Design & Data Coordinator – TRIO

Shannon Hauser

Assistant Coach – Dance

Sarah Hendricks

Payroll Coordinator/Accountant Phone 816.501.3690

Joe Henshaw

IT Support Specialist Phone 816-501-2939

Justin Henshaw

Campus Safety Officer

Bradley Hensley

Head Athletic Trainer Phone 816-501-3742

Kellie Herald

Human Resources Assistant

Margaret Herron

Registrar Phone 816.501.3608

Shani Higgins, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Kendra Holmes, M.S.

Adjunct Instructor, Kinesiology

Alfred Hoppert, MS, LPC, LMAC

Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Rachelle L Huddleston, M.A.

Professional Coach

Teresa Huff-Pomstra, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Jude A. Huntz, M.A.

Adjunct Instructor – Philosophy

Steve Iliff, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Institute for Professional Studies Phone 816-501-3763

Paige Illum, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President for Student Success Phone 816-501-3760

Mike L. Ingram

Account Support Specialist – Maintenance Phone 816.501.2973

Jessica Jankowski, M.S. Ed

Adjunct, Education

Jeanne Janssen, CSJ

Success Coach; Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet Phone 816.501.3768

Laura Janusik, Ph.D., M.B.A.CLP

Adjunct Faculty / Facilitator

Julie Jensen, Ed.D.

Learning an Innovation Manager

Andy Jett, Ed.D.

Associate Professor and Dean of the College of Professional Schools Phone 816-501-3761

Alexis Johnson

Director of Project Achieve

Jim Johnson, Ph.D., CSJA

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-3622

John R Johnson

Maintenance Technician

Ronald Johnson

Assistant Coach – Football

Teresa Johnson, MFA

Instructor & Director of the Thornhill Art Gallery Phone 816-501-3762

Hadley Kaff

Graduate Admission Representative Phone 816.501.2955

Kaliyah Meriwether

Coordinator for Buchanan Initiative for Peace & Nonviolence Phone 816.501.3627

Jessica Kamuru, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-2960

Matthew L. Kane, MS/MFT

Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Graham Karwath

Head Wrestling Coach

Stacy Keith, Ed.D.

Chief Academic Officer Phone 816-501-2446

Robert Kelly

Head Men’s Soccer Coach Phone 816.501.2475

Charlie Kennedy

Head Softball Coach

Heather E. Kennoy

Work Control Coordinator – Maintenance Phone 816.501.3629

Colleen Kerr, PhD

Adjunct, Institute

Emily Key

GA -Women’s Soccer

Lida Khalafi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-3788

Stacy King, Ed.D.

Adjunct, Education

Paul Kirsch, MBA


Tracy Koehler, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-3701

Julia Kramm

Head Coach – Cheerleading

Clifford J. Kroski, M.Div.

Adjunct Professor, Philosophy

Kathleen (Katie) LaForge (Kelly)

Head Coach-W Soccer Phone 816-501-2417

Corinne Lakey, M.A. Marketing

Adjunct, Institute

Abigail Lambke, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, English Phone 816-501-3633

Amanda Lappin, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Lauren Larson ’18

Graduate Admission Representative Phone 816.501.3785

Gerald Larson, Ph.D., ACSM-CEP, NSCA-CSCS*D

Associate Professor and Program Director of Kinesiology Phone 816-501-3714

Mary LeCluyse, J.D.

Assoc VP for Academic Affairs Phone 816-501-3757

Jason Leone

Asst Coach – Baseball

Alexandra Leugoud, MA

Persistence Specialist Phone 816.501.3746

John Livingston, M.M,

Adjunct Faculty, Music – Piano; Staff Accompanist

Monica Lomax

DSO – Registration Specialist

Sean Lovette

Campus Safety Officer

Tabitha Lundquist

Accounts Payable/Purchasing Coordinator Phone 816-501-3617

Andrew Lutzke

Asst Coach – Baseball

Pawel Machauf

Maintenance Technician

Marisa Macias

Assistant Coach – Volleyball

Eugene Mackey

Theatre Adjunct

Jon Mandracchia, Ph.D.

MSCP Chair and Associate Professor of Psychology Phone 816-501-2943

Paul Marquardt, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor

Maddie Marshall

Nursing Education & Resource Center and Clinical Assistant Phone 816.501.3687

Anissa Martinez

Director, Student Support Services Phone 816.501.2439

Marylyn Mozena

Head Volleyball Coach Phone 816.501.2472

Sue Ellen McCalley, Ph.D.

Professor Phone 816-501-2433

Anna McDonald

Executive Director of TRIO Programs Phone 816-501-3719

Jennifer (Jenny) McKenzie

Admission Communications Coordinator Phone 816-501-3604

John McKinney, Ed.D

Adjunct, Education

Carol McLean

Adjunct Faculty

Kathy McLouth

Athletics Administrative Assistant Phone 816.501.3653

Nancy Mendez

Academic Advisor, Student Support Services – TRIO Phone 816.501.2910

Kaliyah Meriwether, M.A.

Coordinator – Buchanan Initiative for Peace & Nonviolence Phone 816.501.3627

Roman Meza

Graduate Assistant – Football

Amy Milakovic, Ph.D.

Chair, School of Humanities and Associate Professor of English Phone 816-501-3652

Shari Miller Blank, J.D.

Lecturer of Business

Catherine Miller, Ed.D.

Instructor Phone 816-501-3663

Jody Mitchell

Human Resources Director Phone 816.501.3618

Laura Modick

Financial Aid Coordinator

Jesse Moline

Certified Athletic Trainer Phone 816-501-3742

Amy Moorman, MA

Archivist Phone (816) 501-3620

William Moran, BS

INSTRUCTOR Phone 816-501-3637

Melissa Morgan, MSW, LSCSW, LCSW

Adjunct Professor, Social Work

Hadas Moshonov-Cohavi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-2448

Susie Muenz

Asst Coach – Softball

Alicia Murillo, M.A.

Vice President Student Affairs Phone 816-501-2465

Jeffrey Myers, Ph.D.

PROFESSOR Phone 816-501-3649

Rebecca Nichols

Director of Library-Interim Phone (816) 501-2428

Kent Noel, Ph.D., LPC, NCC

Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Michael Norwood, Ph.D.

Instructor Phone 816-501-2922

Debra Olson-Morrison, Ph.D., MSW, LCSW, RPT-S

Chair, School of Social Sciences; Program Director & Assistant Professor, Social Work

Taylor Otto, B.S.RT RT(R)


Cody Pace

Athletic Trainer

Josh Parisse

Vice President of Enrollment Management Phone 816-501-3775

Ken Parsons, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Philosophy Phone +1.816.501.2407

Benjamin Pascoe, MFA

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-0425

Marcia Pasqualini, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology Phone 816-501-3664

Joshua Paszkiewicz, DHA-c, DMin, RN, PLPC, BCCC

Counseling Services Coordinator Phone 816.501.3767

Mary Jane Pearson, Ph.D.

Executive Director – Online Program Development and Support Phone 816.501.2480

Michael Pepple

Director of Financial Aid Phone 816.501.3782

Lindee Petersen Wilson, MSW, LSCSW

Assistant Professor, Director of Field Education Phone 816-501-3648

Thomas Pfeifer, MLIS

Electronic Resources Librarian Phone (816) 501-2912

Prentes Potts

Assistant Coach – Men’s Basketball

Kristopher Proctor, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Criminology & Sociology Phone 816-501-3793

Keith Pulliam

Assistant Coach – Football Phone 816.501.3745

Kellie Quesada, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor Phone 816.501.2406

Maureen Reardon

Creative Services Manager Phone 816-501-2496

Sydney Renwick, M.S.E., CTEL

Adjunct Instructor, Psychology

Zachary Revier

Associate Head Coach – Wrestling

Anna Riffe, MS

VISITING INSTRUCTOR Phone 816-501-3678

Vonda Roberts-Norman

Office Assistant, Registrar’s Office Phone 816.501.3732

Jacob Roelofsz

Database Administrator

John Dylon Rohr

Visiting Professor of Theatre, Director of Design and Technology Phone 816.501.3733

Christopher Roller, Education Specialist

Adjunct Professor Phone 816-898-4811

Jessica Ross, M.A.

Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Darren Roubinek, MSOD

Senior Director, Office of Marketing & Communication Phone 816-501-2422

Cory Roup, M.S.

Director of Advising & Certification for K-12 Education Phone 816.501.2464

Sarah Rubin

Assistant Cheer Coach

Kristy Ruf, M.M.

Adjunct Instructor, Applied Voice

Sarah Sanford, M.S.Ed., RT(R)(CT)

Program Director and Assistant Professor of Imaging Sciences Phone 816-501-3624

Tamela Schroer

Office Manager – College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Phone 816-501-3689

Matt Schwader Harbor, MFA

Assistant Professor, Theatre; Director of Performance Studies Phone 816-501-2405

Mike Seroka

Assistant Bowling Coach (M/W)

Joseph Sjuts

Controller Phone 816-501-3615

(Wm T) Bill Sloan

Head Coach-M Basketball Phone 816-501-3743

Adam Sloter

Advancement Database Coordinator Phone 816.501.3602

Jeffrey L. Slutsky, M.A.

Adjunct Professor

Darrin Smith, Ph.D.

Professor; Dean of the College of Science and Health Phone 816-501-3655

Krosbie Smith

Asst Coach-Volleyball

Leslie Dorrough Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Religious Studies; Chair of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department. Phone 816-501-3684

Joseph Snorgrass, Ph.D.

Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Professor Phone 816-501-2494

Pam Sparks

Financial Literacy Coordinator, Student Support Services – TRIO Phone 816-501-2434

L. Ashley Squires, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor / Writing Center Director Phone 816.501.3710

Tyler D. Staples, M.S., LMLP

Adjunct Instructor, Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science

Julie Stark

Sr. Administrative Assistant Phone 816-501-2467

Regina Staves, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology Phone 816-501-3664

Taylor Stephenson

Asst Coach – Cheer

Keaton Stewart

Asst Coach-Football Phone 816-501-5277

Megan Stone

Assistant Director, Upward Bound – TRIO Phone 816.501.2438

Sarah Sullivan, MA.Ed

Director of the School for Innovative Professional & Graduate Studies Phone 816-501-0429

Stephanie M Sullivan

Associate Registrar Phone 816-501-3611

Shawn Summe

Director of Athletics Phone 816-501-3756

Omonseigho Talton, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-2442

John Taranto

Bookstore Manager Phone 816-501-3630

Sima Tarokh

Director of Instructional Technology and Adjunct Instructor in Computer Science Phone 816.501.2484

Paula Tarwater

Financial Aid Coordinator Phone 816-501-3781

Diana Taylor

Institutional Research Associate Phone 816-501-3616

Kiandre Thomas

Project RISE Data Coordinator

Lissa Tibbetts, MSW, LMSW

Adjunct Instructor, Social Work

Malissa Tolliver

University Executive Assistant Phone 816.501.3750

Valerie Jennings, Ed.S.

Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Vince Vandehaar, MBA

Adjunct Full Professor, Marketing

Lisa Vivian

Accounts Receivable Specialist Phone 816-501-3735

Bruce Voegele, MA, BSN, RN

INSTRUCTOR Phone 816-501-3638

Jordan R Wagge, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology Phone 816-501-2964

Carlisle Walker

Asst Coach – Baseball Phone 816-501-N/A

Thomas Warden

Ground Maintenance Asst

Jaylan Waxter

Academic Advisor, Upward Bound Classic – TRIO Phone 816.501.0439

Danielle Weaver

Adult Student Success Advisor Phone 816.501.2945

Daniel Weigel, Ph.D.

Director of Student Access Phone 816-501-3606

Bart Whaley, Ed.S., NCSP

Adjunct Professor

Katie Wight, MLIS

Content Writer Phone 816.501.2965

Kaylin Williams

Assistant Soccer Coach (W/M)

Susan Winters

Office Manager Learning Center Phone 816-501-3666

Heather Wolf, Ph.D.

Adjunct – Education

Paul Wolf

Head Bowling Coach

Remy Wolfe

Head Women’s Basketball Coach

Derek Woody

Assistant Strength Coach

Xavien Walker

Records Coordinator / Degree Auditor Phone 816.501.3729

Angela Yanez, DNP, RN, CHSE

Chair, Avila School of Nursing Phone 816-501-3682

Ling Zhang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-3697

Kyleigh Zoltek, MA

Career Services Coordinator Phone 816.501.2901
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