Wendy Acker

Wendy Acker, Ph.D.

Headshot of Alexandra Adams

Alexandra Adams, Ed.D.

Vice President Enrollment Management Phone 816-501-3778
Dana Adler

Dana Adler, M.S.Ed, RT(R)(M)

INSTRUCTOR Phone 816-501-3612

Scott Agonis

Data Base Administrator/System Specialist Phone 816-501-2966

Charles Alexander

Defensive Coordinator – Football Phone 816-501-3715
headshot of emily alley

Emily Alley, MA

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-3646
Headshot of man in suit

Khaled Alrawashdeh, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-3786

Megan Anthony

Project Specialist (Achieve) – Upward Bound

Jennifer (Chrissy) Arasmith, M.S.

Adjunct Professor, Psychology
Dave Armstrong Portrait

David Armstrong

Director of University Mission & Ministry Phone 816-501-2423

Matt Arnet, LCPC

Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Megan Ashcraft, MSN, RN, CNE

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-3686

Gary Atito

Athletic Trainer

Alejandro Avalos

Campus Safety Officer Phone 816.501.2466
Headshot of Kenny Baker

Kenny Baker

Assistant Director of Undergrad Admission Phone 816-501-3777

Lance Balderston

Campus Safety Officer

Jason Baldwin

Director of Student Life Phone 816-501-3754

Stanley Banks, MA

Lindsay Beardall headshot

Lindsay Beardall, MS

Instructor/Lab Manager Phone 816-501-2919
Headshot of Grant M. Beck

Grant Beck, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-3724

Kenneth Beene

TRIO Academic Coordinator

Chris Begg

Assistant – Baseball

Marc A Benavidez

Head Coach-Football Phone 816-501-2937
Aaron Bennett

Aaron Bennett

Advancement Events & Meetings Coordinator Phone 816-501-3613

Martha Blackman, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-2403

M J Bland

Asst Coach-Football Phone 816-501-3707

Donald Blinzler

Maintenance Technician Phone 816-501-3629

Lonna Boen, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-3688
Dylan Bollinger

Dylan Bollinger, MFA

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-3733
Headshot of Alec Boren

Alec Boren

Assistant Director of Undergrad Admission Phone 816-501-3776

Debra Bortniker

Office Manager Nursing Phone 816-501-3671

Erin Boston, MSN, RN

Instructor Phone 816-501-3693
Headshot of Jared Branch

Jared Branch, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Cognitive Science Phone 816-501-2447
Anthony Brown Portrait

Anthony Brown

Campus Safety Officer

Rhonda Brown, MSN, RN, CCRN-K

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-2917

Jessica Brunsman, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-2406
Amity Bryson Portrait

Amity Bryson, DMA

Professor Phone 816-501-3651
Headshot of Amy Bucher

Amy Bucher, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology Phone 816-501-2468

Leah Buck, MSN, RN

Instructor Phone 816-501-2416
Headshot for Brian Buckler

Brian Buckler, Ph.D.

Professor Phone 816-501-3723
Headshot of Katherine Burgess

Katherine Burgess, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-3685

Jay Burns

Asst Defensive Coach – Football Phone 816-501-2486
Headshot of Anastasia Caffrey

Anastasia Caffrey

Director of Community Engagement Phone 816-501-2440

Andy Caraway, MS, LPC

Adjunct Professor, Psychology
Bailey Carr

Bailey Carr

Senior Director of Development Phone 816-501-3780

Brian Ciolek

Asst Director of Athletics/Strength and Conditioning Coach Phone 816-501-3736

Natalie Cobb, Ed.D.


Carol Coburn, Ph.D.

Professor Emerita Religious Studies, Director of the CSJ Center for Heritage Phone 816-501-3713
Chad Cooley

Chad Cooley, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-3790

Daryl Cronk

Head Coach – Baseball Phone 816-501-3739
Stephen Daggett headshot

Stephen Daggett, Ph.D.

Professor Phone 816-501-3654

Remy Davenport

Asst. Coach-W Basketball

Megan Deaver, MS

Adjunct Professor, Psychology
Ann Dorrell Portrait

Ann Stuart Dorrell

Academic Advisor, Avila Institute for Professional Studies Phone 816-501-2945

Michelle Driscoll

Registrar/Director Registration & Student Records Phone 816-501-3608

Sara A Eckinger

Eagles Aware Project Coordinator Phone 816-501-2909

Drake Engleman

Maintenance Technician

Erick Mojica

Assistant Baseball Coach

Nicole Esquibel, MFA

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-2404

Ashley Fansher, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-3635

Kenlee Frank

Graduate Assistant – Softball

Cynthia Freeman

Head Coach-Dance Phone 816-501-2478
Tara Fuller Portrait

Tara Fuller

Evening/Weekend Supervisor

Jonathan Gambill

Assoc Vice President Information Svcs Phone 816-501-2436
Karin Gastreich headshot

Karin Gastreich, Ph.D.

Professor; Chair of the School of Natural & Applied Science Phone 816-501-2996

Kristin Gaughan

Admin Assistant Nursing Phone 816-501-3672
Headshot of man in grey collared shirt

Philip Gebauer

Grad Psychology Enrollment & Retention Manager Phone 816-501-0419
headshot of leah gensheimer

Leah K. Gensheimer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-3698
Headshot of Daniel George

Daniel George, Ph.D.

PROFESSOR Phone 816-501-3799

Eiko Gilliford

Office Manager College of Science and Health Phone 816-501-3655

Sam Glass

Assistant Coach – Men’s Soccer
Headshot for Malcolm Gold

Malcolm Gold, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-3656

Roberto Gomes

Graduate Assistant – Men’s Soccer

Darby Gough

Asst VP Student Development & Success Phone 816-501-3748
Headshot for Charlene Gould

Charlene Gould, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and Professor of Theatre Phone 816-501-2411

Jeanette Greene

Payroll Coordinator/Accountant Phone 816-501-3690

Katie Grier, MS, LCPC

Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Timothy Hackett

Sports Information Director Phone 816.501.2936

Kathleen (Katie) Haley

Evening/Weekend Supervisor

Angie Hardage, MA, LMLP

Adjunct Professor, Psychology
Kendall Hart Portrait

Kendall Hart

Director of Classic Upward Bound Phone 816-501-2438

Shannon Hauser

Assistant Coach – Dance

Sarah Hendricks

Payroll Coordinator/Accountant Phone 816.501.3690

Joe Henshaw

IT Support Specialist Phone 816-501-2939

Justin Henshaw

Campus Safety Officer

Steve Henshaw

IT Network Administrator Phone 816-501-2903

Bradley Hensley

Head Athletic Trainer Phone 816-501-3742

Elise Hiatt

Registration Assistant Phone 816-501-3734

Shani Higgins, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor, Psychology
headshot of adjunct faculty member Joyce Hill

Joyce Hill, MSOD

Adjunct Faculty / Facilitator

Taryn Hodison

Coordinator of Counseling & Career Svcs Phone 816-501-3767

Alfred Hoppert, MS, LPC, LMAC

Adjunct Professor, Psychology
Gregory Hudson Portrait

Gregory Hudson

Campus Safety Officer

Teresa Huff-Pomstra, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor, Psychology
Steve Ilif Portrait

Steve Iliff, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-3763

Paige Illum

Director of Student Engagement and Success Phone 816-501-3760

Mike L. Ingram

Account Support Specialist – Maintenance Phone 816.501.2973
Adjunct faculty member Laura Janusik

Laura Janusik, Ph.D., M.B.A.CLP

Adjunct Faculty / Facilitator
Joseph Jefferson

Joseph Jefferson

Director of Foundation, Government & Corporate Relations Phone 816-501-3636

Andy Jett, Ed.D.

Associate Professor and Dean of the College of Professional Schools Phone 816-501-3761

Hong Ji, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-3680

Alexis Johnson

Director of Project Achieve
Jim Johnson Portrait

Jim Johnson, Ph.D., CSJA

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-3622

John R Johnson

Maintenance Technician

Melissa Johnson

Associate Registrar Phone 816-501-3611

Teresa Johnson, MFA

Instructor Phone 816-501-3762
Amber Jones Portrait

Amber Jones

Library Assistant
Headshot of Jessica Kamuru

Jessica Kamuru, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-2960

Matthew L. Kane, MS/MFT

Adjunct Professor, Psychology

Stacy Keith, Ed.D.


Robert Kelly

Interim Head Coach – Men’s Soccer Phone 816.501.2475

Heather E. Kennoy

Work Control Coordinator – Maintenance Phone 816.501.3629

Emily Key

GA -Women’s Soccer
Lida Khalafi headshot

Lida Khalafi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-3788

Tim Klocko, MBA, CPA

Vice President for Finance & Administration Phone 816-501-2487
Marie Kocher

Marie Kocher

Advancement Database Coordinator Phone 816-501-3602

Tracy Koehler, MSN, RN

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Phone 816-501-3701
Patrick Kopp headshot

Patrick Kopp, MS, MAed

Michaelis Koutsoupis Portrait

Michalis Koutsoupides, DMA

Larry Kramer Portrait

Larry Kramer

Electronic Resources Librarian Phone 816-501-3712

Kathleen (Katie) LaForge (Kelly)

Head Coach-W Soccer Phone 816-501-2417

Abigail Lambke, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-3633

Amanda Lappin, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor, Psychology
Headshot of man in baseball cap

Gerald Larson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Kinesiology Phone 816-501-3714

Mary LeCluyse

Assoc VP for Academic Affairs Phone 816-501-3757

Jason Leone

Asst Coach – Baseball

Sabra Leverknight

Campus Safety Officer

Sean Lovette

Campus Safety Officer

Tabitha Lundquist

Accounts Payable/Purchasing Coordinator Phone 816-501-3617
Andrew Lutz Portrait

Andrew Lutzke

Asst Coach – Baseball

Marisa Macias

Assistant Coach – Volleyball

Eric Majors

Head Coach – Volleyball Phone 816-501-2472

Anissa Martinez

Director of Student Support Services Phone 816-501-2439

Susan Mathern

Director of Human Resources Phone 816-501-3618

Arica Maurer

Coordinator-Buchanan Initiative for Peace & Nonviolence Phone 816-501-3627

Sue Ellen McCalley, Ph.D.

PROFESSOR Phone 816-501-2433

Anna McDonald

Director of TRIO Programs Phone 816-501-3719

Jennifer (Jenny) McKenzie

Admission Communications Coordinator Phone 816-501-3604

Kathy McLouth

Office Manager – VisCom Phone 816.501.3653

Rusty McLouth

Director of Institutional Research Phone 816.501.2941
Headshot for Paul McQuiston

Paul McQuiston

Editorial Manager Phone 816-501-2965

Airriaunte Mercer

Admissions Representative Phone 816.501.3774

Airriaunte Mercer

Admissions Representative Phone 816.501.3774

Ryan Meyer

Adult & Grad Admission Representative Phone 816-501-2955

Roman Meza

Graduate Assistant – Football

Amy Milakovic, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-3633
Headshot of Catherine Miller

Catherine Miller, Ed.D.

Instructor Phone 816-501-3663

Laura Modick

Financial Aid Counselor Phone 816-501-3609
Maggie Mohrfeld

Maggie Mohrfeld

Interim Vice President for Advancement Phone 816-501-2430

Jesse Moline

Certified Athletic Trainer Phone 816-501-3742

Amy Moorman

Archivist Phone 816-501-3620
William Moran headshot

William Moran, BS

INSTRUCTOR Phone 816-501-3637

Hadas Moshonov-Cohavi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-2448

Susie Muenz

Asst Coach – Softball

Alicia Murillo

Director of Assessment and Accreditation Phone 816-501-2465

Victoria (Torie) Murillo

Head Coach- W Basketball Phone 816-501-3740
Jeffery Myers Portrait

Jeffrey Myers, Ph.D.

PROFESSOR Phone 816-501-3649
Rebecca Nichols Portrait

Rebecca Nichols

Director of Library-Interim Phone 816-501-2428
Headshot of Heather Noble

Heather Noble, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology Phone 816-501-2969

Kent Noel, Ph.D., LPC, NCC

Adjunct Professor, Psychology
Michael Norwood headshot

Michael Norwood, Ph.D.

Instructor Phone 816-501-2922
Professor Francis Origanti

Francis Origanti, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-3647
Headshot for Taylor Otto

Taylor Otto, B.S.RT RT(R)


Cody Pace

Athletic Trainer
Headshot of Josh Parisse

Josh Parisse

Associate VP Undergrad & Grad Admissions Phone 816-501-3775

Karra Parman

Admissions Representative Phone 816.501.2920
Ken Parsons headshot

Ken Parsons, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Philosophy Phone +1.816.501.2407
Headshot of Benjamin Pascoe

Benjamin Pascoe, MFA

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-0425
Headshot of Marcia Pasqualini

Marcia Pasqualini, Ph.D.

Chair of School of Psychology & Cognitive Science and Professor of Psychology Phone 816-501-3664

Michael Pepple

Director of Financial Aid Phone 816.501.3782

Lindee Petersen Wilson, MSW

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-3648

Prentes Potts

Assistant Coach – Men’s Basketball

Lisa Power

Director of Student Business Operations Phone 816.501.3796

Kristopher Proctor, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-3793

Keith Pulliam

Assistant Coach – Football Phone 816.501.3745

Jim Raines

HVAC/Boiler Technician

Janet Reagor, Ph.D., RN

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-3672
Headshot for Maureen Reardon

Maureen Reardon

Creative Services Manager Phone 816-501-2496

Jeffrey Reinhardt

Lead Groundskeeper
Anna Riffe headshot

Anna Riffe, MS

VISITING INSTRUCTOR Phone 816-501-3678
Headshot of Caroline Riley

Caroline Riley

Graduate Admissions Representative Phone 816-501-2483
Kathryn Robards headshot

Kathryn Robards

Director of Donor Relations Phone 816.501.2450

Christopher Roberts

Director of Campus Safety Phone 816-501-2425

Pattie Robertson

Administrative Assistant, College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences Phone 816-501-3689

Jessica Ross, M.A.

Adjunct Professor, Psychology
Headshot of Darren Roubinek

Darren Roubinek

Senior Director, Office of Marketing & Communication Phone 816-501-2422

Cory Roup

Assistant Director of Graduate Education Phone 816.501.2464
Lisa Nevins

Lisa Runnels-Nevins

Director of Donor Relations Phone 816-501-3727

Melinda Rustin

Campus Safety Officer
Headshot for Sarah Sanford

Sarah Sanford, M.S.Ed., RT(R)(CT)

Program Director and Assistant Professor of Imaging Sciences Phone 816-501-3624

Tamela Schroer

Office Manager – Institute for Professional Studies Phone 816-501-3737
Headshot of man in blue shirt

Matt Schwader Harbor, MFA

Assistant Professor of Theatre and Director of Performance Studies Phone 816-501-2405
Headshot for Tamara Shinn

Tamara Shinn

Office Manager, School of Business Phone 816-501-3720

Melissa Shipman

Asst Director of Athletic / Head Coach-Cheer Phone 816-501-2473

Joseph Sjuts

Controller Phone 816-501-3615

Ron Slepitza, Ph.D., CSJA

President Phone 816-501-3750

(Wm T) Bill Sloan

Head Coach-M Basketball Phone 816-501-3743
Darrin Smith Portrait

Darrin Smith, Ph.D.

Professor; Dean of the College of Science and Health Phone 816-501-3655

Krosbie Smith

Asst Coach-Volleyball
Headshot of woman in black sweater

Leslie Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Religious Studies; Chair of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department. Phone 816-501-3684
headshot of J. Anthony Snorgrass

Joseph Snorgrass, Ph.D.

Professor; Director, Center for Digital Advocacy Phone 816-501-2494

Fabian Solis

System Administration/Network Specialist Phone 816-501-3695
Headshot of Pam Sparks

Pam Sparks

TRIO Financial Literacy Coordinator Phone 816-501-2434

Julie Stark

Office Manager, Education Phone 816-501-2467
Headshot of Regina Staves

Regina Staves, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology Phone 816-501-3664

Taylor Stephenson

Asst Coach – Cheer

Keaton Stewart

Asst Coach-Football Phone 816-501-5277

Megan Stone

Academic Coordinator – Upward Bound Phone 816.501.0439

Megan Stone

UB Academic Coordinator Phone 816-501-0439
Sarah Sullivan Portrait

Sarah Sullivan

Director of Advising & Retention-Avila Institute for Professional Studies Phone 816-501-0429

Stephanie M Sullivan

Degree Audit systems Coordinator Phone 816-501-3729

Shawn Summe

Director of Athletics Phone 816-501-3756
Omonseigho Talton headshot

Omonseigho Talton, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-2442

John Taranto

Bookstore Manager Phone 816-501-3630
Headshot of Sima Tarokh

Sima Tarokh

Director of Instructional Technology Phone 816.501.2484

Paula Tarwater

Financial Aid Coordinator Phone 816-501-3781

Diana Taylor

Institutional Research Associate Phone 816-501-3616

Debbie Thorton

Contact Tracer/Student Support Assistant Phone 816.501.3660

Janine Urness

Academic Affairs Coordinator Phone 816-501-3758

Aritt Velazquez

Admissions Representative Phone 816-501-3779

Lisa Vivian

Accounts Receivable Specialist Phone 816-501-3735

Bruce Voegele, MA, BSN, RN

INSTRUCTOR Phone 816-501-3638
Headshot of Jordan Wagge

Jordan Wagge, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology Phone 816-501-2964

Amanda Wahlmeier

Digital Project Archivist Phone 816.501.3621

Carlisle Walker

Asst Coach – Baseball Phone 816-501-N/A

Gabby Walton

Project Specialist (Classic) – Upward Bound

Thomas Warden

Ground Maintenance Asst

Daniel Weigel, Ph.D.

Director of Student Access Phone 816-501-3606

Bryce White

Head Coach-Softball Phone 816-501-2418
Nancy White

Nancy White

Office Manager for School of Psychology & Cognitive Science Phone 816-501-3661

Sue Willcox, Ph.D.

Provost & VP Academic Affairs Phone 816-501-3759
Headshot for Eric Winter

Eric Winter, MFA

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-2445

Susan Winters

Office Manager Learning Center Phone 816-501-3666

Derek Woody

Graduate Assistant – Strength & Conditioning

Angela Yanez, DNP, RN, CHSE

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-3682
Headshot for Ling Zhang

Ling Zhang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-3697
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