Marketing & Communications

Your Partner in Marketing, Communications, and the Creative Process

The Office of Marketing and Communication (OMC) is here to assist in your marketing needs and become your partner in the creative process. It is our goal to provide you with the marketing know-how, communications expertise, and printing skills to achieve a product that meets both your needs and the needs of the University.

There is no charge for utilizing OMC services.


OMC provides marketing, consulting, and strategic planning for the University at no charge.

Social Media

OMC runs the main University’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin accounts, however, we are also accountable for all social media accounts created by Avila Colleges, Schools, departments, clubs, organizations, and athletic teams. Before setting up a new account, or posting on an existing account, please read and follow Avila’s Social Media Guidelines.

Photography & Videography

OMC can photograph your event or department to be used for promotional brochures, Web pages and PR. Note: this service is contingent on availability and scheduling.

If you are taking pictures or videos for use in Avila University-sponsored social media, communications, or promotion, please follow our Branded Photography Guidelines.


We can help produce marketing and informational materials that communicate your message clearly while enhancing the University’s brand. We can design and produce the project from concept through printing or launch with the copy you supply. The actual printing costs are passed on to your department’s budget line.

Promotional Items

From T-shirts to pens and mugs to notepads, let OMC handle your promotional item needs. OMC can create the pieces and coordinate the production, with only outside vendor costs passed on to your department’s budget line.

Public and Media Relations

Public and Media Relations can include television and radio coverage as well as PSAs and newspaper articles, including students’ hometown newspapers.

Web Site and Electronic Media

The Web is a great tool for marketing, disseminating information, and engaging your audience. We can assist you and your department in establishing your Web presence. We can also produce a wide variety of email campaigns, e-newsletters and more.

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