Ling Zhang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-3697

Ling Zhang, Ph.D. has been teaching in Avila since 2013 after getting her Ph.D. in finance from Temple University. She is dedicated to teaching excellence. Her students and their learning needs are always her top priority. Her research interests include bank holding company performance and risk, corporate governance, and corporate liquidity management. She has published several research articles in top finance journals, including the Journal of Banking and Finance and the Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance.

In her spare time, she likes reading, exercising, and traveling.

Finance; Financial Management; Financial Policy; International Finance; Investments; Derivatives; Quantitative Analysis
B.A. Nankai University China
M.S. Southern Illinois University
Ph.D. Temple University


Bank holding company performance, risk and “busy” board of directors. Journal of Banking and Finance, Volume 60, 2015, Pages 239-251

CEO entrenchment and corporate liquidity management. Journal of Banking and Finance, Volume 54, May 2015, Pages 115-128

The Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley Act on corporate innovation. Journal of Economics and Business, Volume 90, March-April 2017, Pages 17-30

Busy directors and corporate innovation. Journal of Business and Educational Leadership (JBEL), Volume 6, October 2016

CEO entrenchment and loan syndication. The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Volume 67, February 2018, Pages 334-346

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