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Congratulations! Your student is heading to college! This is an amazing, and exciting, and nerve-wracking time for them — and for you.  Maybe your student is a first-generation college student. Maybe you went to college, but that was a long time ago. And even if all of their siblings went to college before them, every college experience is unique and feels like the very first time.

Going to college is comes with a lot of questions. Navigating Avila University is much different than navigating high school, or community college, and it’s even different than other universities.  It’s different for parents and guardians too. You no longer have access to their grades by simply logging into their student account. Their teachers aren’t going to send you newsletters or invite you to parent-teacher conferences. But that’s OK. These, are good things. Your student is a young adult.

But don’t worry, they won’t be alone at Avila, and neither will you.  Avila University has a lot of resources and people to help both you and your student navigate the next four years.  This website is your starting point to connect with the University’s resources. If you have questions about something that you cannot find here?  Contact the Healthy Eagles for answers or the Admissions Office. We’re here for you, and them. 

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