Graduate Certificates

The Department of Psychology offers graduate certificates for those individuals interested in expanding their knowledge and skills in two areas: Child and Adolescent Psychology (12 hours) and a General Psychology Certificate (18 hours). Both certificates may require the completion of weekend intensive 1-credit hours courses offered throughout the year on varying selected topics. Most courses are offered on campus in the evenings. 

Students pursuing certificates should apply to the admissions department. Unofficial transcripts required. If a student wishes to attain both certificates, nine unique hours must be taken in each program. Transfer credit is not permitted to meet certificate completion requirements. Course substitutions may be permitted if a class was previously completed as part of a graduate degree program. Private student loans are available for certificate programs.

Child & Adolescent Psychology

The Certificate in Child and Adolescent Psychology requires 12 credits, and can be completed within the Master of Science in Counseling Psychology program, or by those not currently accepted into the program, but who hold a Bachelor or Master’s degree in either Psychology and/or Counseling (an official transcript will be required).

The Child and Adolescent Psychology Certificate offers practical information and practice in skill sets used in working with children and adolescents.  Classes meet either one evening a week for a traditional semester or in a weekend intensive format.

Course Requirements – 12 credit hours

PY 620 Family Systems: Theory & Treatment (3)
This course surveys the fundamental processes of systems functioning and application of general theory to formulations of family development. Therapeutic interventions with disordered families also will be explored. A systematic investigation of particular approaches to family function/dysfunction utilizing multigenerational viewpoints, structural, and solution-focused models will be explored.

PY 621 Advanced Developmental Psychology (3)
This course focuses on the study of the physical, cognitive, social, brain and emotional development across the life span. The role of the environment and special issues also will be included.

PY 641 Abnormal Child & Adolescent Psychology (1-3)
This course explores the major behavior disorders of children and adolescents. The etiology and characteristics of these disorders will be studied as well as treatment options. Developmental and systemic issues will also be considered. Prerequisite: PY 621 or advisor approval.

This course is offered in a weekend intensive format.
Course topics rotate by semester. A total of three separate PY 641 courses must be taken to fulfill the 3 credit-hour requirement.

PY 661 Counseling Children and Adolescents (3)
This course explores theories, methods, and techniques of counseling with children and adolescents. Developmental, social, and contextual issues also will be discussed. Prerequisite: PY 621 or advisor approval.

This course is offered in a weekend intensive format.
Course topics rotate by semester. A total of three separate PY 661 courses must be taken to fulfill the 3 credit-hour requirement.

Graduate Psychology Certificate

This 18 credit hour graduate certificate is designed for those students interested in gaining a general overview of psychology at the graduate level. Students applying to the program without a background in psychology will be required to complete PY 600 Advanced General Psychology as one of the required courses. Students may use the courses completed in the certificate program toward a graduate degree in the Department of Psychology.

Course Requirements – 18 credit hours

PY 600 – Advanced General Psychology (3)
Those students with a bachelor’s degree or minor in psychology are exempt from completing this required course, though may still select it to meet the 18-hour certificate requirements.

PY 617 – Research Design & Analysis I (3)

Select remaining hours from the following courses:

  • PY 600 – Advanced General Psychology (3)
  • PY 610 – Psychology of Personality (3)
  • PY 612 – Advanced Cognitive Processes (3)
  • PY 621 – Advanced Developmental Psychology (3)
  • PY 627 – Research Design & Analysis II (3)
  • PY 650 – Biological Bases of Behavior (3)
  • PY 655 – Advanced Social Psychology (3)

Scientific Reasoning and Research Skills: Students will demonstrate an understanding of how scientific methodologies are employed in psychology to describe, explain, predict, and influence behavior and mental processes.

Psychological Knowledge: Students will demonstrate content knowledge in psychology, describe important concepts and theories, and explain how these are interrelated.
Application of Psychological Principles: Students will apply psychological concepts and theories.

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