Department of Women's & Gender Studies Faculty

Women’s & Gender Studies Faculty

Leslie Dorrough Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Religious Studies; Chair of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department. Phone 816-501-3684
Headshot of Amy Bucher

Amy Bucher, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology Phone 816-501-2468

Nicole Esquibel, MFA

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-2404
Karin Gastreich headshot

Karin Gastreich, Ph.D.

Professor; Chair of the School of Natural & Applied Science Phone 816-501-2996

Jeffrey Myers, Ph.D.

PROFESSOR Phone 816-501-3649

Amy Milakovic, Ph.D.

Chair, School of Humanities and Associate Professor of English Phone 816-501-3652

Abigail Lambke, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, English Phone 816-501-3633

Ken Parsons, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Philosophy Phone +1.816.501.2407

Regina Staves, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology Phone 816-501-3664

Jordan R Wagge, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science Phone 816-501-2964

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