College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

At the Heart of the Avila Education

As an integral and significant component of Avila University, the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences promotes and strives for academic excellence. The College furthers the mission of Avila University and enhances the liberal arts through its commitment to diversity, critical thinking and analysis of literature, the performing arts, and philosophical and religious thought.

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The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences serves the entire student population through its contributions to the core curriculum. In addition, it prepares students majoring in the Liberal Arts and Social Sciences to be leaders in their careers. Through its focus on the whole person through self-expression, ethical considerations, and the history of ideas, the College both prepares students for specific careers and enriches their lives by fostering life-long learning in a complex world.

“The critical thinking and research skills I learned helped me to pick up things quickly at my current job. My degree also taught me to stay consistent, be detail oriented, and perform at a high level. Employers look for these skills no matter what field you enter.” — Kaitlin Parrott, Avila alumna now working at SPX

School of Humanities

Avila’s School of Humanities encompasses the departments of English, History, and Religious Studies & Philosophy. Here you’ll also find minors in Women’s and Gender Studies, Global Studies, and Social Justice, as well as a certificate in Writing & Rhetoric.
Our motto: Be Inspired. Be Human.

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The Avila Singers perform inside Visitation Church

School of Performing Arts

The culture is owned by the students. From the front of the house, to the stage, to the behind-the-curtain scene-craft, your performing arts path through Avila will give you hands-on experience and opportunities to work as performing artists.

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Two women and one man speak in a conference room.

School of Psychology & Cognitive Science

As an Avila psychology major, you will develop the critical reasoning, problem-solving, interpersonal skills, experiences, and research opportunities desired in a wide range of career areas.

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Two adult students sharing an iPad while seated in the dining hall.

School of Social Sciences

Discover a path with heart in either the Department of Criminology & Justice Studies or the Department of Social Work. Be the difference in your community and the world.

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“My experiences at Avila prepared me for the working world. I feel a sense of control in everything that I communicate both in writing and speaking because I have been taught by insightful, master professors.”

Max Williams ’15, English B.A.
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