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Headshot of Kenny Baker

Kenny Baker

Assistant Director of Undergrad Admission Phone 816-501-3777 Email Kenneth.Baker@avila.edu
Headshot of Alec Boren

Alec Boren

Assistant Director of Undergrad Admission Phone 816-501-3776 Email Alec.Boren@avila.edu

Jennifer (Jenny) McKenzie

Admission Communications Coordinator Phone 816-501-3604 Email Jennifer.McKenzie@avila.edu

Airriaunte Mercer

Admissions Representative Phone 816.501.3774 Email Airriaunte.Mercer@avila.edu
Headshot of Josh Parisse

Josh Parisse

Asst VP Undergrad & Grad Admissions Phone 816-501-3775 Email Josh.Parisse@avila.edu

Karra Parman

Admissions Representative Phone 816.501.2920 Email Karra.Parman@avila.edu
Headshot of Pam Sparks

Pam Sparks

Admissions Representative Phone 816-501-3692 Email Pamella.Sparks@avila.edu

Aritt Velazquez

Admissions Representative Phone 816-501-3779 Email Aritt.Velazquez@avila.edu

Amber Zumalt

Admissions Office Assistant Phone 816-501-3603 Email Amber.Zumalt@avila.edu

Ryan Meyer

Adult & Grad Admission Representative Phone 816-501-2955 Email Ryan.Meyer@avila.edu
Headshot of Jessie Reinert

Jessie Reinert

Graduate Admission Representative Phone 816-501-2968 Email Jessie.Reinert@avila.edu
Headshot of Caroline Riley

Caroline Riley

Associate Director of Admissions Phone 816-501-2483 Email Caroline.Riley@avila.edu
Cory Roup Headshot

Cory Roup

Assistant Director of Graduate Education Phone 816.501.2464 Email Cory.Roup@avila.edu
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