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Emergency Contact: If it is after hours, you may contact Campus Safety at 816.985.6079 or dial 9-911(from a campus extension) or 911 (from all other phones).

Resident students can also contact the RA on duty. 

The nearest health care facility is roughly one mile north of the Avila campus at St. Joseph’s Medical Center,
1000 Carondelet Dr, Kansas City, MO 64114 Phone: (816) 942-4400

Confidentiality: General Guidelines

All health records, examinations, treatments, and discussions are confidential. Health records are NOT a part of the university’s official records. Records are kept five years after a student is no longer officially enrolled. At that time all records are shredded for disposal.

Exceptions: Circumstances when it is permissible to breach confidentiality without expressed consent include:

  • If the person is in clear and imminent danger of hurting himself/herself or hurting another person
  • If current abuse of a child or dependent adult is reported
  • If records are subpoenaed by a court of law


Peers Educating Avila about Counseling & Health (PEACH) members work collaboratively with the Health and Counseling Services staff to develop and present a variety of educational and experiential programs/activities to promote physical and mental well-being in the Avila community.  It focuses on providing information about healthy choices and discovering ways to improve self-care.

Members are committed to improving campus life through events such as:

  • Self Defense Classes – focus on personal awareness and personal safety skills
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Events – raffle and silent auction to raise money for breast cancer support of both the American Cancer Society or Susan G. Komen 
  • Week of Giving Activity focusing on community service
  • Stress Relief Week each semester which includes neck and back massages and “dig for treasure” activity
  • Safe Spring Break – hand out safe spring break information and give-aways
  • Sexual Assault Awareness – work with MOCSA to sponsor an event raising awareness about sexual assault

PEACH Members….

  • Attend regular meetings and trainings
  • Learn about mental and physical health issues which can impact college students
  • Collaborate with other PEACH members in a creative, open, and enthusiastic manner to develop and implement programs/activities
  • Organize and complete tasks for events
  • Communicate with student in a mentor-like role during programs/activities

ALL Avila students are eligible to join PEACH.  You can contact either of the PEACH advisors if you would like to join or if you have any questions.

Coordinator of Career & Counseling Services: 816.501.3767

Websites for further general health information:

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