Peer Mentoring

What is a Peer Mentor?

  • Peer Mentors serve to support and encourage new first-year and transfer students in their adjustment to Avila and the expectations of college in general. 
  • Through one-on-one interactions and group meetings, Peer Mentors are knowledgeable guides for new students, a thoughtful facilitator who provides access to people and resources, and ultimately a role model and success advocate.

How to become a peer mentor

  • Students interested in becoming a peer mentor must apply here. Once your application is reviewed, someone will reach out to you about an interview. 

Criteria to be a peer mentor:

  • Sophomore or above status
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Great communicator
  • Good listener
  • Download the position description here

Expectations of being a peer mentor

Time Commitment

Fall: You need to be available either Mondays from 12:30 to 1:20 or Wednesdays from 12:30 to 1:20 to attend your assigned First-Year Seminar class in the Fall semester.

Spring: In the Spring, you must be available for at least 5 hours per week to work in an assigned office role for the semester. 

Meetings with Students
  • You must check in with your assigned first-year students at least once a month. That can be via phone, text, email, or in-person. 
  • In the spring, you are still required to check in with students. 
  • You are also encouraged to host social events or social gatherings to get to know your students better as well as for them to get to know each other better.
Meetings with Instructors
  • You need to communicate with your First-Year Seminar instructors and agree on a regular time that you all can meet and discuss the lesson plans for the class.
  • You must also keep the instructors updated on which students you have or have not connected with in your class.
Monthly Meetings

We will be meeting once a month as a group to go over student updates, best practices, and other timely, relevant information for the mentors.

Professional Development

There will be professional development meetings hosted throughout the school year to increase your development as a young professional. Topics include career development (resume, interviews, Linkedin), self-care, and diversity and inclusion. 

Canvas Course

The Canvas course is here to compile information regarding the peer mentor role, best practices, professional development resources, and other important information. You will be invited to the canvas course once you have accepted the position. 

2021-2022 Peer Mentors

  • Hayley Kerley
  • Trinity Morris
  • Stephanie Mattson
  • Bridget Dulle
  • Darien Minor
  • Kristina Rivera
  • Molly Delaney
  • Samantha Smith
  • Riley Taranto
  • Bailey Stephan
  • Hannah Rogers
  • Brandon Wortman
  • Isabella Brauner
  • Abigail Caldwell
  • Madeline Nunez
  • Heylee Warren
  • Tyler Lindquist
  • Jessica Basurto-Reyes
Spring 2023 Peer Mentor Placement 

If you are interested in having a peer mentor work in your department for the spring semester, please fill out the form here.

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