Goppert Performing Arts Center

Goppert Performing Arts Center: South Kansas City’s Premiere Performance Space.

Avila University’s performing arts program has grown dramatically over the past 15 years – with enrollment growth in some majors as much as 400%! Responding to the needs of students, faculty, staff, and the community, Avila will open the new Goppert Performing Arts Center in the fall of 2020. This new renovation and expansion will include more than 16,000 square feet of renovated space and new construction. The new and improved facility is an exciting new “front door” to the campus and critical learning space.

Grand Lobby

An architectural rendering of the new Grand Lobby as seen from atop the grand staircase.

Goppert performing arts center lobby from the top floor

Goppert Performing Arts Center

An architectural rendering of the new “front door” to Avila’s campus.

exterior rendering of the goppert performing arts center

Choir Rehearsal Space

A fabulous new choir space with floor-to-ceiling north-facing windows.

rendering of the choir room in the goppert performing arts center

The Grand Lobby

Entering the Goppert Performing Arts Center for performances, visitors will be welcomed by an airy, two-story lobby and grand staircase.

rendering of the grand lobby of the goppert performing arts center
Rendering of New Goppert Performing Arts Center
  • 16,000 square feet of renovated and new space
  • 200-seat Black Box theatre
  • New choir and rehearsal space
  • Expanded scene shop
  • Grand lobby and entrance
Goppert Performing Arts Center logo

Choir, Theatre, Orchestra, and Dance

Music and theatre majors, as well as dance minors, will be the obvious benefactors of the new Goppert Performing Arts Center (GPAC). However, more than 19% of all Avila undergraduates are involved with the performing arts in some manner (and that’s not counting all of the students who attend performances). When you add in all of the faculty, staff, and the Kansas City community who walk through the GPAC doors, the new performing arts center is truly at the center of the arts scene in south KC.

Goppert theatre

The jewel of the performing arts center is the Goppert Theatre. Built in 1974 the theatre is named after Vita Goppert ’72, the “First Lady” of Avila. Home to four student theatrical productions a year, plus choir and orchestra concerts, lectures, and workshops, Goppert Theatre has staged five decades of memorable performances. Goppert Theatre is also a popular venue for other theatre troupes, including a long-time relationship with Theatre for Young America.

black box theatre

A black box theatre is an ideal setting where the most human elements of performance can be studied, demonstrated and enjoyed by the audience. The new Black Box Theatre is an intimate performance space inside the GPAC seating around 200 in it’s 3,000 square feet. In addition to Avila students holding more smaller performances, the Black Box will also serve as an important actor’s laboratory where students hone their craft in lighting, design, and acting.

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