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For the Master of Arts in Education in Curriculum & Instruction, students must complete a total of 33 credit hours (15 core hours and 18 elective hours): 

*Students may transfer up to nine previous graduate hours to fulfill elective hours.

**Students who completed the Graduate Teacher Certification program at Avila are awarded 15 hours to apply towards the elective hour requirement.   

Core Required Courses (15 hours)
ED 615 Theories of Learning

Duration: 8 weeks     Format: Evening     Credit hours: 3

The purpose of this course is to survey the major theoretical concepts underlying how the human organism learns and what propels him/her to action. Implications for instruction, lesson planning, and assessment will be explored. Action research required.

ED 617 Theories of Behavior

Duration: 8 weeks     Format: Evening     Credit Hours: 3

This course will focus on the application of specific ecological, behavioral, psychoeducational, and developmental theories to real classroom management and behavior problems. Students should have a foundation in general classroom management models. Action research required. 

ED 630 Advanced Curriculum and Instruction

Duration: 8 weeks     Format: Evening     Credit Hours: 3

The student will explore the basic concepts, terminology, philosophy, and current research in curriculum planning; apply these factors both in class projects and teaching situations; and be exposed to and analyze curricula of various school districts. Students will apply concepts to actual curriculum writing.

ED 684 Effective Instruction

Duration: 8 weeks     Format: Online     Credit Hours: 3

The course includes the advanced study and implementation of learning theory, including motivation, reinforcement, lesson design, transfer, practice, and higher level thinking skills. Field-based assignment required. 

ED 689 Research Methods in Education

Duration: 16 weeks (meets for 8 weeks)     Format: Blended     Credit Hours: 3

This course is designed to teach practicing classroom teachers to conduct an individualized action research project within their own classrooms to improve their practice.  Students will learn the steps involved in developing an action research project, conduct the research, and share their findings as part of a culminating exercise. 

Elective Course Options (18 hours required)

Three-credit hour elective options:

ED 603 Student Motivation and Engagement

Duration: 8 weeks     Format: Online     Credit Hours: 3

Theories of motivation will be studied and applied to K-12 classroom settings. Approaches to motivating students will be explored. Motivation will be related to positive student engagement. Theories and approaches will be related to effective instruction and student learning/achievement. 

ED 604 Trauma and Mental Health Issues in the K-12 Classroom

Duration: 8 weeks     Format: Online     Credit Hours: 3

Mental health issues that students in K-12 settings experience will be the focus of this course. The definition of mental health will be explored. Causes of mental health problems will be analyzed. Emotional problems associated with disabilities will be discussed. Approaches for interventions will be a major focus. 

ED 611 Technology's Impact on the Classroom

Duration: 8 weeks     Format: Online     Credit Hours: 3

This course will examine the variety of ways that technology can impact the classroom environment. Participants will analyze current trends in technology and learn how to assess these trends on their effectiveness on learning for each student. Various topics include digital citizenship, communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and classroom management with technology. 

ED 620 Rethinking Learning Spaces

Duration: 8 weeks     Format: Online     Credit Hours: 3

This course will challenge educators to rethink learning spaces in their classrooms, buildings, and districts. Students will explore concepts such as 21st century learning spaces, how learning can change through space design, how technology and space design can enrich learning, and how to begin changing the learning space in your own classroom. This course will examine best practices in infusing technology in the classroom and how to set up an effective classroom space that supports technology infusion. 

ED 623 Project Based Learning

Duration: 8 weeks     Format: Online     Credit Hours: 3

This class will challenge educators to understand how to create, deliver, and assess Project Based Learning (PBL) experience to students. Students will understand the components of how to integrate grade level learning objectives into a PBL activity.  Students will create a PBL research-based lesson plan along with formative and summative assessments that could be used in their current classroom setting.  Students will experience and become aware of the various safe technologies available to engage learners with communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking throughout a PBL activity. 

One-credit hour special topic elective options:

ED 618 Strategies for Managing Behavior

Duration: 2 weeks     Format: Online     Credit Hours: 1

This course will provide an introduction into a Multi-Tiered System of Support, along with a survey of advanced classroom management strategies.

ED 628 Introduction to SPED in the Regular Classroom

Duration: 2 weeks     Format: Online     Credit Hours: 1

This course will provide an overview of strategies that regular classroom teachers can incorporate into their classroom to meet the needs of their special education students. 

ED 629 Culturally Diverse Classrooms

Duration: 2 weeks     Format: Online     Credit Hours: 1

This course will provide teachers with strategies and insights on how to meet the needs of a culturally diverse student audience, including how to work with the larger communities they serve.

ED 632 Creativity and Technology

Duration: 2 weeks     Format: Online     Credit Hours: 1

In this course, teachers will learn how to facilitate student creativity using technology to encourage critical thinking and innovation.

ED 634 Online Teaching and Learning

Duration: 2 weeks     Format: Online     Credit Hours: 1

This course will provide an introduction into how classroom teachers can develop and deliver rigorous, high-quality online courses to their K-12 students.

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