School of Education: Faculty

Education Faculty

James Brauer

James Brauer, Ed.D

Director of Graduate Education

Natalie Cobb, Ed.D.

Chair, School of Education, Director of Undergraduate Programs, Associate Professor Phone 816.501.2432

Angela Danley, Ed.D.

Director of Clinical & Field-Based Experiences Phone 816.501.3663

Andy Jett, Ed.D.

Associate Professor and Dean of the College of Professional Schools Phone 816-501-3761

Jessica Kamuru, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Phone 816-501-2960

Sue Ellen McCalley, Ph.D.

Professor Phone 816-501-2433

Education Adjuct Faculty

Dr. Lisa Hatfield

Lisa Hatfield, Ed.D.

Primary Adjunct Faculty

Stacy King, Ed.D.

Adjunct, Education

John McKinney, Ed.D

Adjunct, Education

Carol McLean

Adjunct Faculty
Headshot of Catherine Miller

Catherine Miller, Ed.D.

Instructor Phone 816-501-3663

Christopher Roller, Education Specialist

Adjunct Professor Phone 816-898-4811

Education Staff

Cory Roup, M.S.

Director of Advising & Certification for K-12 Education Phone 816.501.2464

Julie Stark

Sr. Administrative Assistant Phone 816-501-2467

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