School of Business

Double Majors

AC 355       Cost Accounting
AC 361       Intermediate Accounting I
AC 362       Intermediate Accounting II
AC 365       Accounting Information Systems
AC 451       Tax Accounting I

Plus two courses from the following:
AC 370       Auditing
AC 452       Advanced Accounting
AC 455       Advanced Cost Accounting
AC 475       Accounting Theory

AC 355       Cost Accounting (also Management major)
FI   331      Investments
FI   432      Derivatives
FI   435      Financial Policy (also Management major)
FI   437      International Finance (GS)
EC 312       Intermediate Microeconomics
EC 361       Money and Banking

AC 355       Cost Accounting
BL 347       International Business Law
MK 411      International Marketing
FI   437      International Finance
EC 382       International Economics
MG 411      International Management
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AC 350       Managerial Accounting (also Finance major)
MG 323      Human Resources Management
MG 325      Labor Management Relations
MG 326      Operations Management
BL 346       Employment Law
MK 415      Marketing Policy (also Marketing major)
FI   435      Financial Policy (also Finance major)
MG 420      Recruitment and Selection
MG 421      Compensation and Benefits
MG 427      Supply Chain Management

MK 415 Marketing Policy (CE)
MK 417 Marketing Research

Four (4) of the following:  

EC 340 Statistical Analysis II:  Regression
MK 312 Consumer Behavior
MK 313 Promotion Strategy
MK 316 Personal Selling
MK 411 International Marketing (GS)
MK 412 Services Marketing

HC 201 Introduction to HCM
HC 305 Healthcare Policy & Managed Care
HC 310 Healthcare for Special Populations
HC 301 Human Resources for Healthcare
HC 330 Financing the Healthcare Organization
HC 335 Healthcare Marketing
HC 340 Legal Aspects of Healthcare
HC 499 Healthcare Internship

Getting a Double Major in Business:

For those who are interested in getting a double major in Business, you can combine any two of the following majors:

The courses for a double major are listed on this page. With any combination of the majors, you must complete 18 distinctive hours in each major as well as the Business Core Requirements:

Total of 42 hours

Course Requirements for a Double Major:

AC 201Principles of Accounting I
AC 202Principles of Accounting II
CS 210Navigating the Digital Society
BL 305Legal Aspects of Business I
MK 310Marketing
MG 321Management
MG 322Organizational Behavior and Development
FI 330Finance
BU 340Business Communications
BU 499Business Capstone
EC 202Principles of Microeconomics
EC 203Principles of Macroeconomics
EC 240Statistical Analysis
EC 241Quantitative Analysis
MG 498Strategic Management

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