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B.S.B.A. – Finance

A career in Finance is for the person who likes a fast pace and can accept significant responsibilities. In return, the potential rewards are very high. Your Finance major prepares you for a career in banking, corporate finance, or investment brokerage just to name a few. The career path in Finance leads to position titles of Vice President or Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The success of all modern organizations depends on the financial decisions made by the financial officer. If you see yourself at the heart of an organization’s financial decision-making, then this major is for you. Please note that a good mind for analysis and an understanding of Economics is essential to the study of Finance.


BUSINESS COMPOSITION REQUIREMENT (unless completed as part of Core)

EN 112 Composition II: Rhetorical Argument or
EN 210 Composing for the 21stCentury or
EN 213 Writing with Style


AC 201 Principles of Accounting I
AC 202 Principles of Accounting II
BL 305 Legal Aspects of Business I
BU 340 Business Communications
BU 499 Business Policy
EC 202 Principles of Microeconomics
EC 203 Principles of Macroeconomics
EC 240 Statistical Analysis
EC 241 Quantitative Analysis
FI 330 Finance
MG 321 Management  OR
MG 322 Organizational Behavior & Development
MG 498 Strategic Management
MK 310 Marketing


AC 355 Cost Accounting
FI 331 Investments
FI 432 Derivatives
FI 435 Financial Policy
FI 437 International Finance (GS)
EC 312 Intermediate Microeconomics
EC 361 Money and Banking

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Two business professionals interacting in an office

A future in finance

Commercial Credit Analyst ● Kansas City Median Salary: $46,529

Corporate Finance Associate ● Kansas City Median Salary: $64,462

Mortgage Underwriter ● Kansas City Median Salary: $51,973

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