BSBA: Business Administration

B.S.B.A. – Business Administration

The Business Administration major is an excellent path to a rewarding career in many fields of endeavor. This major is found in management positions in corporate, government, and non-profit organizations. The skills of the Business Administration major are in high demand and career advancement is a given for the motivated graduate in Business. The major includes coursework in addition to core business classes so that you can emphasize Management, Marketing, Finance/Economics, Accounting, Management Information Systems, or combinations thereof.


BUSINESS COMPOSITION REQUIREMENT (unless completed as part of Core)

EN 112 Composition II: Rhetorical Argument or
EN 210 Composing for the 21stCentury or
EN 213 Writing with Style


AC 201 Principles of Accounting I
AC 202 Principles of Accounting II
BL 305 Legal Aspects of Business I
BU 340 Business Communications
BU 499 Business Policy
EC 202 Principles of Microeconomics
EC 203 Principles of Macroeconomics
EC 240 Statistical Analysis
EC 241 Quantitative Analysis
FI 330 Finance
MG 321 Management  OR
MG 322 Organizational Behavior & Development
MG 498 Strategic Management
MK 310 Marketing

Twenty-one hours of electives must be chosen from three of the
following areas: Accounting, Finance and Economics, Marketing,
Management, and Information Science.  [View courses below.]

AC 350 Cost Accounting
AC 361 Intermediate Accounting I
AC 362 Intermediate Accounting II
AC 365 Accounting Information Systems
AC 451 Tax Accounting I
AC 452 Tax Accounting II


FI   331 Investments
FI   435 Financial Policy
EC 312 Intermediate Microeconomics
EC 361 Money and Banking
EC 382 International Economics


MK 312 Consumer Behavior
MK 313 Promotion Strategy
MK 316 Personal Selling
MK 411 International Marketing
MK 412 Services Marketing
MK 415 Marketing Policy
MK 417 Marketing Research


MG 323 Human Resources Management
MG 325 Labor Management Relations
MG 326 Operations Management
BL 345 Legal Aspects Business II OR
BL 346 Employment Law
MG 427 Procurement Management

Curriculum Sheet 2019-20
Curriculum Sheet 2018-19
Curriculum Sheet 2017-18
Curriculum Sheet 2016-17

Excellent door to Opportunity

Budget Analyst ● Kansas City Median Salary: $55,235

Fraud Prevention Associate ● Kansas City Median Salary: $38,517

Human Resources (HR) Generalist ● Kansas City Median Salary: $54,376

Sales Representative ● Kansas City Median Salary: $ 55,811

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