Business Undergraduate Majors

Undergraduate Majors

Avila University’s business curriculum allows students to develop their oral and written communication, teamwork, and leadership skills through classroom projects and presentations. Students develop and hone their analytical skills – a key demand in business. Students also have the opportunity to complete business internships in the local community.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.)

Majors pursuing a B.S.B.A. degree will complete a common body of business knowledge which they will start their sophomore year. This business core consists of courses in accounting, economics, business law, business communications, management, finance, computer information and statistics. The students will then continue into courses that are specifically required for their chosen business major.

Students must complete a total of 120 semester hours to graduate from Avila University. The courses that students must complete consist of a university core curriculum, common to all Avila students that is based upon Avila’s mission and values, as well as courses required by the student’s selected major.

4 + 1 MBA Early Admission

The School of Business offers an early admission option to outstanding undergraduate business students. This option to be admitted early to the MBA programs allows students to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees in as few as five years. Prospective students are eligible to apply after completing at least 55 credit hours and, once admitted, can begin taking graduate courses after 75 credit hours are earned. Interested students should submit an application for admission to the School of Business. See the graduate catalog (MBA program) for more details.

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