Registration and Student Records Office (RSRO)

The Registration Office

The Registrar Office is primarily responsible for maintaining student academic records, managing student registration in courses, validating student coursework, and confirming completion of academic programs in official records. Other duties/services include involvement in financial aid reporting, student-athlete NAIA eligibility, international student SEVIS reporting, non-traditional credit acceptance, transfer credit agreements, course/room scheduling, veterans’ educational benefits, and statistical reporting to federal, state, and local authorities. 

Contact Registration and Student Records:

Registration and Student Records Office, Blasco Hall
11901 Wornall Road / Kansas City, MO 64145 / 816.501.2410 Fax: 816.501.2452

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Closed Thurs. from 9:15-10:15 a.m.

Enrollment and Degree Verifications

Avila University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications. The National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted at Web:
Fax: 703-742-4239
Mail:  National Student Clearinghouse
13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300
Herndon, VA 20171

Note:  Most current students with an SSN can print enrollment verification certifications, view enrollment history and enrollment verifications provided, check loan deferments sent to lenders, and view related information regarding their student loans by logging onto MyAU.

Online Registration begins at 12:01am on the following dates:

Feb. 19           Seniors who have earned 85 or more credit hours and Post Baccalaureate

March 4          Juniors who have earned 55 – 84 credit hours

March 25        Sophomores who have earned 25 – 54 credit hours

April 8            First Year who have earned 0 – 24 credit hours

April 29          Advising for transfer students begins

To verify your class year, click “My profile & settings” link near top right corner of screen and go to Academic Information.

All Graduate & Professional Studies students:

    Avila Professional & Graduate Studies-  Enrollment Open NOW

Traditional Graduate Programs for Summer and Fall 2024:

    Graduate Counseling Psychology –  Starts February 19.

Note: Graduate Students and Avila Adult Undergraduate students should check with their respective program offices for advising and registration information.

You may either register in-person in the Registration Office, use telephone registration or if you are a currently enrolled admitted student, you may enroll via online registration. See the Academic Calendar for registration dates.

If you are planning to enroll in English composition or a mathematics course, you must either have official ACT scores (dated Jan. 1, 1995 or late) on file, have SAT scores on file or you must take placement exams at Avila (see below). SAT scores will be converted to ACT equivalents.

English Placement Exam

  1. If you have taken the ACT since January 1995 and have an ACT English score of 20-24, you will be placed in English 111. If you have an ACT English score of 25 or higher, you will be placed in English 112. Any student has the option of taking the current English placement exam.
  2. If you are entering Avila without ACT or SAT scores, or you took the ACT prior to 1995, or your ACT English score is below 20 and you want to enroll in either English 111 or 112, you must take the English placement exam at Avila before you may register. A minimum placement score is required for registration in EN 111.
  3. If you have previously passed English 111 or its equivalent, you do not need to take the English placement exam.
  4. There is no charge for the exam.
  5. Call the Student Resource Center at 816.501.3666 to make arrangements to take the exam.
  6. In order to enroll, you must present a form signed by your advisor indicating the course in which you should enroll.
Math Placement Exam

  1. If you have taken the ACT since January 1995, and have an ACT math score of 20 or higher, you may enroll in either MA 115 or MA 120. An ACT score of at least 24 is required for enrollment into MA 241. Any student may choose to take the mathematics placement exam.
  2. If you are entering Avila without ACT or SAT scores, or you took the ACT prior to January 1995, or your ACT math score is below 20 and you want to enroll in either MA 115 or MA 120, you must take the math placement exam at Avila before you register. A minimum placement score is required for registration in MA 115 or MA 120.
  3. If you have previously passed Math 120 or its equivalent, you do not need to take the math placement exam.
  4. There is no charge for the exam.
  5. Call the Student Resource Center at 816.501.3666 to make arrangements to take the exam.
  6. In order to enroll, you must present a form signed by your advisor indicating the course in which you should enroll.

Methods of Registration

Being advised does not mean you are registered in any courses. Make sure all tuition, fees, or other charges from previous semesters have been paid in full.

Current students enroll for classes based on their student classification. Students are classified by the number of credit hours completed counting toward graduation prior to the first day of the term in session when enrollment occurs:

84 or more hours Fourth Year
55-84 hours Third Year
25-54 hours Second Year
0-24 hours First Year

During the first four days of registration, current and readmitted students may register as follows:

1st Day Fourth Year and Postbaccalaureate Students
2nd Day Third Year and above
3rd Day Second Year and above
4th Day First Year and above

Note: New students should contact the Admissions Office for registration dates.

A current student may verify their student classification on-line via MyAU. Readmitted students may stop by or call the Registration Office for their student classification. Students who have recently completed courses at another institution should visit the Registration Office to verify receipt of transcripts and their classification prior to the first day of registration. Transcripts may take several months to be received and entered into the registration system which may affect your student classification at enrollment time.

Once you have met with your advisor you will be eligible to enroll if you have no holds (financial, library, athletic) on your account.

You must enroll for courses by using one of the following options:

In-Person Registration: Any student may bring their advising form to the Registration Office in Blasco Hall to enroll in courses. See the Academic Calendar for appropriate dates and times.

Telephone Registration: If you are a new or readmitted student unable to come to the Registration Office, you may enroll in courses by being advised by your advisor via telephone. Your advisor will then bring your advising form to the Registration Office and enroll for you.

Current students may enroll via telephone after being advised by your advisor. Have your student ID number or social security number and the department, course title, and section number of courses in which you want to enroll in front of you before you call to register. Call 816.501.2410 during the designated telephone registration dates and hours in the Academic Calendar.

Online Registration: Any admitted currently enrolled student without a hold on their student account may enroll via online registration.  See you Advisor for details.  See the Academic Calendar for appropriate dates and times.

Late Registration: (see Academic Calendar for dates) Late registration must be completed in person. There is a $25 fee for registering late with the exception of weekend intensive and Saturday only courses.

Registration for Non-Degree Seeking Students: Avila offers a special enrollment process for all students not seeking an Avila degree. No transcript or formal application is necessary. You may register at the Registration Office for most courses. To register for a course numbered 310 or above, students must meet with a faculty advisor. High school juniors and seniors, home-schooled students, visiting students from other institutions as well as individuals simply wishing to enrich their educational background are encouraged to take advantage of this convenient opportunity. Students who enroll through this program are limited to a total of nine credit hours at Avila before they must request formal admission.

We recommend that visiting students request written permission from their own institution in advance of their registration at Avila in order to be sure that the Avila course work will transfer. The following non-degree seeking students do not have to apply for admission through the Admissions
Office. They may register directly at the Registration Office during registration hours:

    • Accepted Non-Degree
    • Area Exchange
    • Non-Credit
    • Dual-Enrollee
    • Enrichment
    • Visiting

Non-Credit Registration: Courses at Avila may be taken for non-credit on a space-available basis. Since no academic credit is awarded, students are not required to meet the admission requirements of the institution. A stipulation of the noncredit option is mandatory class attendance. The level of class participation for non-credit is determined by the individual instructor. A certificate from Avila will be awarded to those who have met the non-credit requirements of the course.

Enrollment for this option begins in the Registration Office during published In-Person Registration days and times. Enrollment in a lower division course for non-credit requires the appropriate prerequisites but does not require departmental approval. Enrollment in an upper-division course (number 310 or above) on the noncredit option must have the approval of the department offering the course. A signature from the departmental faculty representative is required. If a student withdraws from a course taken for non-credit, a refund will be granted according to the time frame for part-time students minus a $10 administrative fee.

Area Exchange Program: If you enroll at Avila, you also have access to the curricular offerings of many other colleges and universities in metropolitan Kansas City. If you are a full-time, undergraduate student (enrolled in 12 or more credit hours at Avila), you may take one course per semester at another area campus at no additional tuition costs after prior certification of status by the Registration and Student Records Office at Avila. This option does not apply to the summer session and some online course offerings.

Current participating institutions are Avila, Blue River Community College, Central Missouri State University, Kansas City Art Institute, Longview Community College, Maple Woods Community College, Park University, Penn Valley Community College, Rockhurst University and the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Participation is subject to change at any time.

Carondelet Colleges Exchange: Information is available in the Registration Office.

Student Responsibility: Each student is responsible for conforming with regulations in the Avila catalog. Therefore, it is important for each student to remain currently informed throughout the period of enrollment. The primary responsibility for meeting graduation requirements rests with the student. Degree requirements are subject to change. It is the student’s responsibility to be informed of applicable requirements. Faculty advisors and personnel are available to provide guidance but do not replace the student’s responsibility for their own academic progress.

Course cancellation: Courses listed in the printed schedule and elsewhere are subject to cancellation for insufficient enrollment. For this reason, students are encouraged to enroll as early as possible and pre-determine alternative course choices in the event of course cancellation.

Students attending only evening, weekend and Saturday only classes have a number of services available:

    1. Paying bills if students know their balances already (no cash)
    2. Obtaining various forms needed for academic purposes

When classes are in session, a secretary is available on the second floor of O’Rielly Hall at the following times:

M-R 5:30 pm – 8:45 pm
F 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Sat 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Saturday Course Information

The closing dates for registration and withdrawal are found in the Academic Calendar. There is no late charge for adding a Saturday course. If you take any session of the six-week courses and intend to secure student loans, you must apply by the first day of the course.

If you are a part-time student and you withdraw from the fall six-week course, you are eligible for refunds under the following schedule:

    1. Complete refund if the withdrawal takes place before the start of the course.
    2. 50% refund if the withdrawal takes place after the 1st class meeting.
    3. No refund if the withdrawal takes place after the 2nd class meeting.
    4. Students may withdraw from a six-week course with a grade of “W” up to and including the 4th class meeting.

Weekend Intensive Information

The closing date for registration in a weekend intensive course is one week prior to the beginning of the course. Exceptions to this policy are at the discretion of the academic department. There is no late charge for adding a weekend course.

If you are a part-time student and you withdraw from a weekend intensive course before the beginning of the course, you will receive a full tuition refund.

If you withdraw after the first weekend (for weekend courses of two or three credit hours) but before the second weekend of the course, you will receive a 50% course tuition refund.

Complete policy information regarding withdrawals is available in the University catalog.

The Credit/No Credit grade option is available to students for special session courses. For a one-credit course, this grading option must be contracted prior to the beginning of the course. If more than one credit course, this grading option must be contracted prior to the second class meeting.

You are required to attend all sessions of a weekend intensive course. If you miss any part of the class, your final course grade may be reduced, possibly even to a failing grade. If you can not attend all sessions, you should not enroll in a weekend intensive course or should withdraw from the course.

Weekend Intensive Course Requirements

Weekend Intensive courses require readings prior to the first class meeting. Students may be tested on that material during the first class meeting. Courses may require the completion of assignments after the last weekend meeting. Students should access a copy of the reading assignment in the library or on-line at the library web site. Select “Electronic Reserve.”

For information call 816.942.8400

Request Avila University Transcript

Note: Transcripts may not be released to any other party without written consent of the student, 
per Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974
Please allow up to five (5) business days for processing Official or Unofficial Transcripts after receipt of your request.  

You have two options to order an Avila University Official Transcript:
a.  Online with credit card payment.
Transcripts ordered online are $2.50 per recipient plus $8.00 per copy (credit card payment only).
Advancement Students- Please indicate the total credit hours or the total number of courses in the “Special Instructions” section of your transcript order. 

Note: Current Students should log into MyAU to order Official transcripts rather than use the online link above.

b.  Fax or mail with check or money order.
Mail an Avila Transcript Request Form to the address below with payment or Fax the form to (816) 501-2452 and mail an original signed copy with payment.  The transcript will not be mailed until receipt of payment.

Official transcripts ordered by fax or mail are $8.00 per copy made payable to Avila University (credit cards are not accepted).

Please Note: All official transcripts hand-carried or mailed to a student or alumnus are stamped “Issued to the Student” and may not be accepted as “Official” by other institutions, even if bearing the seal of Avila University. Check with the intended recipient first before hand-carrying or having transcripts sent directly to a student or alumnus. 

To Request an Unofficial Transcript, email:

Click on the Student Records email link above to request an unofficial transcript. Once received, we will follow-up with a Transcript Request Form for you to fill out and sign.

For currently enrolled students, click on this link for help in downloading your unofficial transcript. 

Avila University is a voluntary participant in the Missouri Core Curriculum Transfer Act (Missouri Senate Bill 997). The Missouri Coordinating Board of Higher Education has established a 42-hour curriculum of lower-division courses across 5 broad knowledge areas (CORE 42), intended to ensure Missouri college graduates possess a common core of college-level skills and knowledge. The curriculum was additionally established to facilitate transfer of general education courses among institutions of higher learning within the state of Missouri.

Completing CORE 42 at a participating institution guarantees transfer of the block of coursework to any other participating institution, meeting the general education requirements at the receiving institution.

Individual courses approved to meet requirements of CORE 42 are designated with a Missouri Transfer (MOTR) course number, which guarantees one-to-one transfer of those courses among all participating institutions to meet general education, major (following major-specific guidelines), and graduation requirements.

CORE 42 at Avila University

Avila University is currently in the processing of identifying and proposing courses for approval in the CORE 42 curriculum for 2020-2021:

  • Approved courses will show the MOTR course number in the course description as well as official transcripts.
  • Upon completion of CORE 42 at Avila, students may submit a request through the Registration and Student Records Office for a CORE 42 notation to be entered on the student’s transcript.

Avila University also accepts CORE 42 credit from other participating institutions:

  • All courses approved with MOTR course codes will transfer to meet requirements in Avila’s Core Curriculum as well as potentially major requirements (if – and only if – they follow all major-specific guidelines).
  • Completion of the entire CORE 42 curriculum (including notation on the student’s official transcript) guarantees completion of Avila’s Core Curriculum. Such students will be treated as though they had completed an A.A. degree for the purposes of determining Core Designation requirements.

More Information

For more information and tools related to CORE 42, students may visit the Missouri Department of Education website.


 Enrollment Verification via National Student Clearinghouse
Note: Current students should login to MyAU for enrollment verification.

Degree Verification via National Student Clearinghouse
Note: Current students should contact the Registration & Student Records Office.

Office of Student Records and Registration Staff

Margaret Herron

Registrar Phone 816.501.2410

Taylor Mankin

Registrar Specialist Phone 816.501.2410

Diana Taylor

Lead Evaluation Specialist Phone 816.501.2410

Xavien Walker

Records Coordinator & Degree Auditor Phone 816.501.2410
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