Enrollment Data

The primary mission of Information Management is to facilitate the continuous improvement of Avila University’s institutional academic data and to increase access to up-to-date enrollment information for strategic planning and reporting at the institutional and unit levels.

Click on the links below to view the annual official Fall enrollment overview, various ways of looking at Avila’s numbers, and reports available to the public.  Additional reports for Avila employees’ use are available on the P:drive at “P:Statistics and Assessments (IR)Registration Statistics” folder.

Please note various reports are updated at different times of the year.  Check for the year being reported which is indicated on the screen containing the link or within the report after opening it.


Office of Institutional Research


Avila’s Fall 2022 enrollment numbers by gender and ethnicity:

Full-time/Part-time Status: 





Certification or Certificate:

Note: These summaries are updated about mid-October each year. Student Consumer Information is available by clicking here.
Additional summaries are available on the P: drive for viewing by Avila employees.

Other Resources

Here are links to useful web sites with extensive aggregated data and reports for academic consumers and institutions:

National Center for Education Statistics – IPEDS
Missouri Department of Higher Education – MDHE
Association for Institutional Research – AIR

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