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Today’s project managers need the organizational development skills of Avila’s Project Management Certificate

Project management skills are in high demand.  Regardless of industry, organizations always work on projects requiring skilled project management staff.  Understanding how to communicate, manage conflict, negotiate, budget, lead, organize and problem solve will be skills very valuable to any organization.

The Graduate Project Management Certificate is a set of 13 credit hours explicitly designed for working adults to develop proficiency with effective project managers’ latest tools and techniques. Students study current industry practices, examine in-depth case studies, review team interactions, and assess project management technology. This curriculum prepares the student to take industry exams for certification; also, these hours count toward the M.A. degree in Management, M.S. in Organizational Development, or Avila’s MBA programs.

Graduate Certificate: Project Management program highlights

  • Five Courses – 13 credit hours
  • Project-based – Experiential Learning Experiences
  • Build your reflective portfolio demonstrating your skills to employers
  • Network with professional peers and mentors
  • 100% online.
  • Project Management certificate is eligible to apply towards Avila’s MA in Management.
PM672 The Practice of Project ManagementJune 20 – August 12, 20238 weeks Online, Fully Asynchronous
PM673 Tools and Technology of Project ManagementAugust 21 – Oct 15, 20238 weeks Online, Fully Asynchronous
PM674 Case Study & Application of Project Mgmt.October 16 – December 16, 20238 weeks Online, Fully Asynchronous
PM677 Six SigmaJanuary 2 – April 20, 20248 weeks Online, Fully Asynchronous
MG685 Professional PortfolioApril 22 – June 15, 202416-week Online Virtual Portfolio Development

Enroll by March 15, 2023, for a 20% discount

Cost: $500 per credit hour / $6,500 total

“The staff at Avila was incredibly flexible to create an opportunity for a group of professionals in a very high-demanding atmosphere.”

Kari Taube, Senior eLearning Specialist, Cerner

“They truly understood the complexity of this unique group. They created an exceptionally soft blend of content, course work, and scheduled assignments that enabled synchronous, and asynchronous collaboration, depending upon each contributor’s demanding work-life schedule.”

In every industry, project managers perform their jobs for years with very little formal training. And while this has served organizations in the past, today’s innovative organizations are looking to build systematic project management processes and practices. This creates a heavy demand for employees with specific project management degrees and certificates. For many companies, these are a prerequisite to hiring and promotion.

Most people working on corporate projects will find certification benefits their career. A certificate in project management provides more weight to your resume, not to mention your compensation. It can help you advance quickly as a project manager or land an elevated position with a larger company handling high-budget projects. Dedicated programs like Avila’s can also benefit other professionals, including team leaders, quality-control experts, analysts, consultants, and C-Suite executives.

Open up career opportunities by becoming indispensable.

Earning a project management certificate can be an invaluable asset to any professional. Not only will it provide evidence of your technical knowledge and experience, but it can also help to open up new career opportunities and enhance your credibility in the workplace. Project management certification can also provide the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure a successful project outcome, which can ultimately help to benefit an employer.

The primary benefit of earning a project management certificate is the recognition and credibility it provides. Many employers view a project management certification as a sign of competency and trustworthiness. This can be a valuable tool for professionals who want to advance their careers, as it can help to increase their desirability as potential employees. It can also help to increase the likelihood of promotion within a current job.

The knowledge and skills gained from a project management certificate can also be beneficial in ensuring a successful project outcome. Professionals can better plan, manage, and evaluate projects by understanding the basics of project management. This knowledge can help to ensure that projects are completed on time, to specifications, and within budget. It can also help to reduce the risk of project failure, which can lead to significant financial losses for an employer.

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