Organizational Development Master’s

Prepare for the Change Ahead with Your Master’s of Science in Organizational Development (MSOD)

Every company faces change, or it dies. At Avila, your MSOD program will provide insight and skills necessary for mastering organizational psychology and becoming an expert at organizing initiatives, managing teams, and handling change. Your organizational development program at Avila is customized with one of six career-enhancing concentrations to help build your portfolio of skills: Strategic Human Resources, Inclusion & Belonging, Psychology, Workplace Instructional Design, Change Management, or Executive Leadership Development.

Your master’s in organizational development degree will provide you with the skills and confidence to:

  • Motivate people and teams, and manage organizational change
  • What you learn in class each week can be applied to your job the next week
  • Develop your critical leadership and team-building capabilities
  • Become a self-aware manager of effective conflict resolution
  • Enhance your listening and communication skills
  • Build consulting skills
  • Test your progress through applied research

Choose from seven concentrations to customize your degree in the areas that interest you and will impact your career most.

  • 35 credit hours
  • Scheduling flexibility: Face-to-Face/Hybrid/Online
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous courses
  • Complete in 24 months
  • No GRE required
  • Tuition: Under $22,000

You can do this: MSOD degree online

The Master of Science in Organizational Development (MSOD) degree program class schedule begins in 8-week formats six times a year. Your advantage is the flexibility to start, pause, and resume your progress toward your degree in organizational development according to your own personal schedule.

this program understands the imperative need for balance. You work at your own pace. Classes are truly designed around student needs, making it student-centered
“This program works alongside my value of having a healthy work/life balance. Working 40+ hours a week, and parenting two children under the age of 8, does not often allow room for engaging in extracurricular activities. However, this program understands the imperative need for a functional balance. You work at your own pace. Classes are truly designed around student needs, making it student-centered.”
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Choose your Concentration

Strategic Human Resources
The Graduate Strategic Human Resources Certificate consists of 15 credit hours of coursework designed to prepare learners for upper-level management of human resource functions and departments within their organizations. This curriculum prepares the student to take the PHR or SPHR exam for certification. The certificate in Strategic Human Resources can be taken independent of enrollment in any graduate degree program.
Executive Leadership
The executive leadership concentration is designed to expose you to the skills, the new technologies, best practices, and leadership methods needed to thrive in today’s business and non-profit climate. Your instructors are uniquely positioned to present the real-world knowledge, innovation, creativity, conflict management, team development, and networking you’ll need to succeed and that top employers are seeking.
Workplace Instructional Design
Designed to engage learning industry professionals, Avila’s Instructional Design Certificate prepares you to lead in the workplace. Define your organization’s learning needs. Determine the appropriate instructional formats. Design materials. Implement solutions. Throughout the program, you will apply course material and your new proficiencies to your current professional activities in real-time.
Inclusion & Belonging
The Inclusion & Belonging Concentration focuses on teaching students how to develop and implement programs and strategies to manage diversity, inclusion, and equity more effectively in the workplace. This new concentration provides leaders, diversity managers, HR professionals, consultants, and others with a valuable credential in this increasingly important field.
Change Management
Change, or become obsolete. As a leader, you always need to be prepared for organizational change. From planned initiatives to a volatile marketplace, change is not only inevitable, it’s often unexpected. In this graduate certificate program, you will identify the change dynamics around you. Data and evidence will guide your decisions, as you find your fit as a change leader.
“(Enrolling in Avila’s MSOD program)I didn’t expect to grow in my confidence and in other ways that then translated to my work.”

Organization Development Program Information Sessions

Ready to learn more about this program? Join us for an upcoming Information Session or reach out for more information.

“(Avila’s Organizational Development) program helped me gain the org background, change theory, and introduced me to diversity in the workplace.”
Interested in a degree in Organizational Development?


Andy Jett, Ed.D., Associate Professor and Dean of the College of Professional Schools
P: 816-501-3761 / E: andy.jett

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