Organizational Development Psychology

Prepare for the Change Ahead

You’ll gain insight and skills by mastering organizational psychology and become an expert at organizing initiatives and managing teams. Choose one of four career-enhancing concentrations to help build your portfolio of skills: Strategic Human Resources, Coaching Certification, or Executive Leadership.

You’ll learn to:

  • Motivate people and manage organizational change
  • Engage with real-life clients
  • Develop your critical leadership and teambuilding capabilities
  • Become a self-aware manager of effective conflict resolution
  • Enhance your listening and communication skills
  • Build consulting skills
  • Test your progress through applied research

Choose a concentration in the following:

  • Strategic Human Resources
  • Leadership Coaching Certification
  • Executive Leadership

The Master of Science in Organizational Development Psychology degree program class schedule begins six times a year in 8-week and/or weekend-intensive formats. Your Advantage is the flexibility to start, pause, and resume your progress according to your own personal schedule.

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BE THE AGENT FOR CHANGE. Business and industry move at increasing speed. Your MSOD puts in you a needed position to help organizations not only face the changes ahead but to thrive in them.

Choose your Concentration

Strategic Human Resources
The Graduate Strategic Human Resources Certificate consists of 15 credit hours of coursework designed to prepare learners for upper-level management of human resource functions and departments within their organizations. This curriculum prepares the student to take the PHR or SPHR exam for certification. The certificate in Strategic Human Resources can be taken independent of enrollment in any graduate degree program.
Leadership Coaching
The Graduate Leadership Coaching Certification consists of 12 credit hours of coursework focusing on learning coaching skills to improve organizational effectiveness and to align with organizational goals. Students must successfully complete a comprehensive coaching assessment in order to earn certification. The certification in Leadership Coaching can be taken independent of enrollment in any graduate degree program.
Executive Leadership
The executive leadership concentration is designed to expose you to the skills, the new technologies, best practices, and leadership methods needed to thrive in today’s business and non-profit climate. Your instructors are uniquely positioned to present the real-world knowledge, innovation, creativity, conflict management, team development, and networking you’ll need to succeed and that top employers are seeking.
Workplace Instructional Design
Designed to engage learning industry professionals, Avila’s Instructional Design Certificate prepares you to lead in the workplace. Define your organization’s learning needs. Determine the appropriate instructional formats. Design materials. Implement solutions. Throughout the program, you will apply course material and your new proficiencies to your current professional activities in real-time.
Interested in Organizational Development Psychology?

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