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Developing executive leadership for today and tomorrow

Developing leaders for the challenges of the 21st century requires a broad range of skills related to interpersonal skills, organizational development, conflict management, innovation, creativity, and performance management.  Teaching, coaching, and leading emerging leaders is a job for any industry, and all employers know they need to focus on developing leaders for the future of their business.  This graduate certificate program provides students with theory, practice, and experiences from instructors with real-time knowledge and training in the field.

Executive Leadership Certificate program highlights

  • Five courses – 13 credit hours
  • Project-based – Experiential Learning Experiences
  • Build your reflective portfolio demonstrating your skills to employers
  • Network with professional peers and mentors
  • 100% online
  • Executive Leadership Development certificate is eligible to apply towards Avila’s MA in Management, MBA, and MS in Organizational Development (MSOD).
OD688 Leadership & Influence ProcessesApril 24 – June 19, 20238 weeks Online, Fully Asynchronous
OD678 Conflict Management SystemsJune 20 – August 12, 20238 weeks Online, Fully Asynchronous
OD655 Innovation & CreativityAugust 21 – Oct 15, 20238 weeks Online, Fully Asynchronous
OD650 Strategic CommunicationOctober 16 – December 16, 20238 weeks Online, Fully Asynchronous
MG685 Professional PortfolioJanuary 2 – April 20, 202416-week Online Virtual Portfolio Development

Enroll by March 15, 2023, for a 20% discount

Cost: $500 per credit hour / $6,500 total

“The staff at Avila was incredibly flexible to create an opportunity for a group of professionals in a very high-demanding atmosphere. “

Kari Taube, Senior eLearning Specialist, Cerner

“They truly understood the complexity of this unique group. They created an exceptionally soft blend of content, course work, and scheduled assignments that enabled synchronous, and asynchronous collaboration, depending upon each contributor’s demanding work-life schedule.”

Get your executive leadership certificate online

Learning to lead with confidence is critical in today’s business climate. Avila’s Executive Leadership Development certificate program prepares you to become the leader of tomorrow through critical analysis and strategy. Each week of the program, you’ll be able to apply your newly acquired knowledge and leadership skills to your real-world job addressing the daily business challenges you currently face.

You will work closely with Avila University’s Institute for Professional Schools faculty and collaborate in small groups with your highly motivated peers. You’ll share business and management challenges. You’ll strengthen your interpersonal skills to build effective teams. Together you will successfully navigate challenges as you develop greater awareness and confidence in your leadership style. Each course will reveal impactful insights as you build a network that extends far beyond the classroom out into the marketplace.

Who benefits from a leadership development certificate?

High-potential leaders. Fast-track leaders who are motivated to take on significant responsibility in their organizations

Mid-level executives. Managers with years of work experience but are positioning themselves for more in any size company or industry.

Career-focused employees. Individuals who are ready and eager to positively impact their organization and career. Start getting the attention you deserve.

Build on your leadership knowledge, skills, and potential

The importance of earning an executive leadership development certificate cannot be overstated. An executive leadership development certificate is invaluable for success in the business world. It provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead and manage a business and motivate and inspire your staff.

The certificate demonstrates your commitment to developing your leadership capabilities and dedication to learning and growing as a leader. It also serves as a highly-valued credential that employers look for when considering job applicants. Earning an executive leadership development certificate provides tangible evidence of your leadership abilities and can be a powerful asset when competing for leadership positions.

An executive leadership development certificate also allows you to network with like-minded professionals. It allows you to gain access to new and innovative ideas and collaborate with peers with similar goals and objectives. It is also a great way to stay updated on the latest trends and strategies in the business world.

In addition, an executive leadership development certificate can be used to enhance career opportunities. It can help you gain a competitive edge when seeking promotions or job advancement. It can also provide the foundation for a successful career in management or executive-level leadership.

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