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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) in the Workplace

Your organization is only as strong as its culture. No longer solely the role of HR, building an inclusive culture is the responsibility of every manager and employee. This Inclusion & Belonging graduate certificate will help you move your company beyond simple compliance to build a truly aware and inclusive organizational culture. Your courses will address employee engagement and interventions and provide specific diversity strategies.

Diversity and inclusion certificate program Highlights

  • Five courses, 13-Credit Hours:
    Diversity Awareness
    Diversity Planning and Goal Setting
    Developing Inclusion Training
    Practices for Diverse Recruitment and Retention
  • Project-based education.
  • Build your own reflective portfolio demonstrating your skills to employers.
  • Network with professional peers and mentors.
  • 100% online, taught both asynchronous and synchronously.
  • Inclusion & Belonging certificate is eligible to apply towards Avila’s MA in Management and MS in Organizational Development (MSOD).

“The staff at Avila was incredibly flexible to create an opportunity for a group of professionals in a very high-demanding atmosphere. “

Kari Taube, Senior eLearning Specialist, Cerner

“They truly understood the complexity of this unique group. They created an exceptionally soft blend of content, course work, and scheduled assignments that enabled synchronous, and asynchronous collaboration, depending upon each contributor’s demanding work-life schedule.”

Meaningful and sustained change comes from within. Outside pressures can be a catalyst for change, but diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives must be nurtured from the very top all the way to the front lines for a long-lasting shift. Avila’s Inclusion & Belonging Certificate is a powerful tool in helping companies make their cultural shift stick.

Today, many companies are taking steps to recruit a diverse workforce. However, it’s one thing to be welcoming in an interview, but if that feeling of belonging doesn’t extend beyond the human resources office, employee retention will suffer. Organizational success will be based largely on the company’s ability to truly alter their organizational structure.  

Graduates of Avila University’s Inclusion & Belonging Certificate program will have the knowledge capital to be actively engaged in and be at the forefront of change. Not only will graduates possess the skills to help companies attract top talent and keep them but investing in a DE&I program demonstrates a company’s long-term investment in its future.

Diversity and inclusion certificate programs are good business.

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2025, 75% of the global workforce will come from the millennial generation. This is a group that views their ideal workplace as having a supportive environment with diverse, varying perspectives. For millennials, a culture of inclusion is a sign of a more innovative organization, one that they are actively seeking out. To hire and retain these individuals, diversity must be a key part of the company culture.

A certificate in diversity and inclusion helps you and your organization take a stand.

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