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Can’t find it at Avila?

Inter-Library Loans (ILL) allow Avila students, faculty, and staff to access books and documents that are unavailable from Avila or through MOBIUS.

Before requesting Books or Articles, please ensure that the Library/Learning Commons does not have access to the desired material through our Catalog, MOBIUS, or our many databases. If you need assistance, please call (816.501.2912) or email (

In an Inter-Library Loan, a library patron places a request for a book or an article that is owned by another library. The Avila library receives the request and then requests the book or article from other libraries across the United States. When the book or article arrives at the Avila library, the Avila ILL department sends the requesting patron an email stating the book has arrived and can be picked up at the circulation desk. For articles, the email to the patron will provide the requested article via an attachment to the email.


Effective ILL requests for articles will contain at least the following five items:

  1. The ISSN of the journal containing the article.
  2. The title of the journal (no abbreviations).
  3. The complete title of the article (no abbreviations).
  4. The author or authors of the article.
  5. The publication / publishing information for the article.

All requests for articles that include these five items have a high probability of success.


Effective ILL requests for books will contain at least four items:

  1. The ISBN of the book.
  2. The title of the book (no abbreviations)
  3. The author or authors of the bookThe publication / publishing information of the book.

All requests for books that include these four items have a high probability of success.

The delivery time for an ILL varies. A requested article will generally require 4-7 days for delivery. The delivery time for a requested book can take up to 14 days, and this time basically depends on how quickly a lending library can be found and then how quickly the mail system gets the book to Avila. The Avila Library & Learning Commons will make every effort to deliver patron requests as soon as possible.

The Avila Learning Commons pays most costs for requested books and articles. If for some reason a charge is required to complete the request, the Learning Commons will notify the library patron of any charges and the request will not be made unless approved by the patron. Patrons are never billed for ILLs without their prior consent

Renewals of ILL books or articles are at the discretion of the lending institution and cannot be guaranteed. All renewal requests must be done before the due date of the ILL item. Email ( or call the ILL Department (816.501.3711) for a renewal request.

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