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You Have Questions,

We Have the Answers.

Just ask. How do I get my transcript? Which scholarships do I qualify for? When is move-in day? Can I bring my pet iguana? Transitioning from high school to college brings up a lot of questions. Your Admission Advisor has the answers, or knows how to find the answers, to any question. Reach out and get your answers.

Traditional Undergraduate Admission Team

Headshot of Kenny Baker

Kenny Baker

Assistant Director of Undergrad Admission Phone 816-501-3777 Email Kenneth.Baker@avila.edu
Headshot of Alec Boren

Alec Boren

Assistant Director of Undergrad Admission Phone 816-501-3776 Email Alec.Boren@avila.edu

Jennifer (Jenny) McKenzie

Admission Communications Coordinator Phone 816-501-3604 Email Jennifer.McKenzie@avila.edu

Airriaunte Mercer

Admissions Representative Phone 816.501.3774 Email Airriaunte.Mercer@avila.edu
Headshot of Josh Parisse

Josh Parisse

Asst VP Undergrad & Grad Admissions Phone 816-501-3775 Email Josh.Parisse@avila.edu

Karra Parman

Admissions Representative Phone 816.501.2920 Email Karra.Parman@avila.edu
Headshot of Pam Sparks

Pam Sparks

Admissions Representative Phone 816-501-3692 Email Pamella.Sparks@avila.edu

Aritt Velazquez

Admissions Representative Phone 816-501-3779 Email Aritt.Velazquez@avila.edu

Amber Zumalt

Admissions Office Assistant Phone 816-501-3603 Email Amber.Zumalt@avila.edu

Adult and Graduate Admission Team

Ryan Meyer

Adult & Grad Admission Representative Phone 816-501-2955 Email Ryan.Meyer@avila.edu
Headshot of Jessie Reinert

Jessie Reinert

Graduate Admission Representative Phone 816-501-2968 Email Jessie.Reinert@avila.edu
Headshot of Caroline Riley

Caroline Riley

Associate Director of Admissions Phone 816-501-2483 Email Caroline.Riley@avila.edu
Cory Roup Headshot

Cory Roup

Assistant Director of Graduate Education Phone 816.501.2464 Email Cory.Roup@avila.edu

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