Avila Care Team

Life Happens. We’re Here to Help.

The Avila Care Team (ACT) affirms the mission and values of Avila University by responding with care and compassion to the personal crises which may impact any member of the Avila community.

When a member of the Avila community experiences a crisis or serious problem in their life, we ask that those aware of it bring the situation to the attention of an ACT member. The team will discuss the best and most sensitive way to support the person in need. For example, an instructor reports to the ACT that a resident student has been missing class and appears depressed. An ACT member or a Resident Assistant that has a good relationship with that student will check in with the student and refer the student to the appropriate resources.

If you have particular concerns about a student or other member(s) of the Avila community you have three avenues in which to share this information:

  • You may complete the Avila Care Team (ACT) form
  • If you wish to share information anonymously, you may call 866.943.5787 and leave a message for ACT.
  • If you wish to share information and are concerned about privacy issues related to completing the form, please contact any member of ACT listed below.
Dave Armstrong Portrait

David Armstrong

Director of University Mission & Ministry Phone 816-501-2423

Jason Baldwin

Director of Student Life Phone 816-501-3754

Sara A Eckinger, MSP

Eagles Aware Project Coordinator, Adjunct Professor – Psychology Phone 816-501-2909

Cynthia Freeman

Head Coach-Dance Phone 816-501-2478
Headshot for Malcolm Gold

Malcolm Gold, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Phone 816-501-3656

Darby Gough

Asst VP Student Development & Success Phone 816-501-3748

Taryn Hodison

Coordinator of Counseling & Career Svcs Phone 816-501-3767

Paige Illum

Director of Student Engagement and Success Phone 816-501-3760

Mary LeCluyse

Assoc VP for Academic Affairs Phone 816-501-3757

Anissa Martinez

Director of Student Support Services Phone 816-501-2439

Christopher Roberts

Director of Campus Safety Phone 816-501-2425

Daniel Weigel, Ph.D.

Director of Student Access Phone 816-501-3606

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