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About the Biology Department

Biology, the science of life, is one of the most fascinating and rewarding disciplines. Students successfully completing the Avila University Biology major can pursue a variety of career options, including work in the health professions; forensic sciences; forestry; agriculture; fisheries; oceanography; conservation; environmental research and management; medical and scientific publishing; business careers in health administration, instrumentation, and pharmaceuticals; secondary education; or pursue special research interests as a post-graduate biologist.

The Biology Department at Avila has a tradition of excellence in academics and the corporate world. We believe our small size and our willingness to participate in our students' development as scientists led to this reputation.

Our commitment to our students is reflected in our mission statement:

"The mission of the Avila University Biology Department is to prepare graduates for careers in the life sciences or related fields. Throughout the curriculum, the department encourages students to think scientifically and develop an appreciation of the natural world. Regardless of which career path a student pursues, all biology majors will graduate from Avila University with a common set of skills reflected in our program outcomes."

We hope that you take advantage of the academic resources at Avila and the Kansas City area. Feel free to call on us for assistance or advice regarding your college experience or career choice. If you find biology as exciting a subject as we do, please consider joining us as we explore the wonders and possibilities of life.


"The small class sizes and the individual mentoring I received from Avila's outstanding faculty had a profound impact on my career. Post Avila, I earned two graduate degrees in Biology and now enjoy an exciting career with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service working to preserve wildlife for future generations."

Rodney Wittenberg '98

  "As first-year medical students, we were very pleased to find that Avila's biology program over-prepared us for our first-year courses. With each new topic, we find that we are better prepared than our classmates and have a deeper understanding of the material from our undergraduate biology classes."

Teresa and Jason Loden '09