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Center for Student Excellence, Hodes #8
P: 8165013606 / E: avilasuccess

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Welcome to the Office of Student Success!

Here Avila students will find academic, personal, and holistic support designed to enhance and further their growth. The Slepitza Center for Student Excellence is at the center of it all, encompassing a wide range of student services in one centralized location. Located in Hodes Center (Building #8), the Office of Student Success aims to further students’ academic and personal growth through a holistic approach.

Who We Are


Paige Illum, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Student Success
P: 816-501-3760 / E: paige.illum

Alexandra Leugoud, persistence specialist


Alexandra Leugoud, MA, Persistence Specialist
P: 816.501.3746 / E: alexandra.leugoud

Our Goal

What we aim to do with the Title III Grant

  • Increase awareness of support services
  • Increase utilization of support services
  • Decrease the number of students on academic probation
  • Implement 50 new retention strategies each school year
  • Increase awareness among faculty/staff of retention strategies
  • 100% of at-risk students each semester will have an individualized Student Academic Success Plan

Our Services

Student Success Platforms

These Success Platforms are great tools to help students make it from orientation to graduation! These platforms include:

Student Success Course

A “one-stop-shop” for all campus resources. Students can self-enroll to keep the course on their dashboard. Modules are separated by college areas. It is an open enrollment classroom and there are no assignments or quizzes due. To join the classroom, click here.


Navigate is a Student Success Management System for higher education that helps schools proactively manage student success and retention. With this platform, everyone on campus will be on the same page when it comes to a student’s individual success. Learn More Here.

Success Workshops

Success Workshops are hosted throughout the school year and are open to any student. These workshops will be held in person and virtually. Check back later for dates and registration links!

We Want Your Feedback!

If you have attended any workshops this semester, please complete this Workshop feedback survey to give us feedback and ideas for future workshops.

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