A Guide to the Undergraduate Advising and Registration Process

Advising starts the month before students register/enroll for their classes.

  1. Find out who your advisor is by logging into MyAU and/or by logging into Navigate.
  2. Set up a meeting with your advisor. Different advisors schedule meetings differently but you can email, call, or stop-by your advisors office to learn more about how they schedule advising meetings.
  3. Before meeting with your advisor, be prepared!
    1. Go to the Avila Course Catalog to find the required classes for your degree.
    2. You can also log into MyAU and check out your Degree Audit under the Academics tab. This will show you exactly what classes you have completed for your degree and what classes you have left to take.
    3. If you are thinking about adding a minor or changing your major, make sure you check the Avila Course Catalog to find the required classes for that program.
    4. After meeting with your advisor, log into MyAU on your designated registration date to enroll in your classes.

Registration Resources

  • Is this class required for my major?
  • If I have a bad grade now, are there more assignments and quizzes that I could complete to bring my grade up?
  • When are the drop dates? – Depending on how far along we are in the semester, you may not be getting a full refund for the class if you drop it now. The Registrar has a list of the semester drop dates.
  • Will I be at the required number of credit hours to maintain my financial aid and scholarships? (12 credit hours is full-time status)
  • Will I be at the required number of credit hours to maintain eligibility to play on my sports team? (12 credit hours is full-time status)
  • If this class is required for me to take, when can I take it again/when is it offered again?
  • Advisor hold – You need to meet with your advisor in order for them to give you the “OK” to enroll for next semester
  • Business holds – If you owe the university money, you will need to pay down your balance to at least $999 in order to enroll for next semester
  • Prerequisites – There might be a class or classes that you have to take before you can take the next level of classes in your major. For example, Math 101 has to be taken before you can take Math 202, then Math 202 has to be taken before you take Math 303
  • Maximum number of credit hours – Students can only take up to 18 credit hours per semester (about 6 classes)
  • Online issues – If you come across issues that prevent you from enrolling online, you will have to visit the Registrar’s office in Blasco Hall to potentially enroll in person

There are ACCUPLACER exams for Math and English that students have to take in order to be placed in the appropriate level of Math or English class. Depending on your scores, you will be placed in:

  • English
    • EN 095: Writing Strategies, EN 111: Composition 1, Rhetorical Discourse, or EN 112: Composition 2, Rhetorical Argument
  • Math
    • MA 092: Mathematical Literacy, MA 115 with lab: Applications of College Mathematics, or MA 120 with lab: College Algebra
    • If a student would like to be placed in MA 125: Precalculus or MA 241: Calculus & Analytic Geometry, the Mathematics department will administer an internal higher level test

To schedule a time to take one or both of the ACCUPLACER exams, please email Susan Winters at susan.winters@avila.edu.

Fall Undergraduate Registration Dates for Spring 2023

  • Advising started on October 3rd
  • Registration Dates
    • Monday, October 31st – Seniors 
    • Tuesday, November 1st – Juniors 
    • Wednesday, November 2nd – Sophomores
    • Thursday, November 3rd – Freshmen

Spring Undergraduate Registration Dates for Summer and Fall 2023

  • Advising started on March 6th
  • Traditional Undergraduate Course Registration for Summer/Fall 2023:
    April 10 – Seniors who have earned 85 or more credit hours and Post Baccalaureate
    April 11 – Juniors who have earned 55 – 84 credit hours
    April 12 – Sophomores who have earned 25 – 54 credit hours
    April 13 – Freshmen who have earned 0 – 24 credit hours
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