Graduate On-Time, in Four Years By Averaging15 Credit Hours Each Semester

15 to Finish

For this to happen, you must finish 15 credit hours every single semester. Even though 12 hours is considered a full load, here’s the disappointing truth: It will take 5 YEARS to finish at that pace. Your time and tuition dollars can be better spent. The 15 To Finish program was created to help students achieve academic goals in record time. And, believe it or not, research shows that students who take 15-hour course loads get better grades. It’s a total win!
Finishing on time will help you:

  • Avoid extra debt
  • Begin your career
  • Get a jump on graduate school, travel, or volunteer work
  • Impress potential employees with your hard work and discipline

15 To Finish also has built-in rewards. With every 15-hour semester you complete, Avila will high-five you by upgrading your student status (good for discounts and special events!) and approving your 15 To Finish club membership (read: cookie study breaks, mini parties, and maximum fun!) P.S. Summer classes are also a smart way to stay on track. The whole idea is to complete 30 credit hours each year (15 a semester is just a great way to get there!)

Taking 15 hours of college credit a semester may sound like you’re not going to have a life outside studying, but successful Avila students prove you can have it all — friends, sports, volunteer opportunities, AND graduate on time. 

Here’s how to get it done.
You will have a life, even if you take 15-hours a semester.
We’ve all been there. You can do this.
Do the math.


Paige Illum, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Student Success
P: 816-501-3760 / E: paige.illum

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