School of Nursing: Student Organizations

Avila Student Nurse Organization (ASNO)

Avila Student Nurse Organizations (ASNO) is available for those students who have declared an interest or a major in nursing. The purpose of the organization is to cohesively contribute to nursing education, to represent professional interests and concerns, and to aid in the development of the whole person, and his/her responsibility for the health care of others. The organization aims to involve freshman and sophomore nursing students and foster added interest of junior and senior students through:

  • Community volunteer services;
  • Lectures and demonstrations to supplement academic and clinical experiences;
  • A medium in which information and assistance can be obtained through peers and faculty;
  • Unifying, activating, and developing relationships between nursing students so as to strengthen their professional and personal endeavors;
  • Keeping members well informed of trends in nursing, government legislation, and needs of the community.
  • Developing peer relations, communication skills, civic involvement, knowledge and applied skills.

ASNO Officers & Representatives 2021-2022
Junior Reps: Camille Begraud and Will Bowersock
Senior Reps: Jessica Baugh and Benjamin Birdsong

ASNO Faculty Advisors
Associate Professor Cheryl Carlin, 
Assistant Professor Leah Buck,
For information on other campus organizations including COLLEGES AGAINST CANCER and PEACH (Peers Educating Avila about Counseling and Health),  visit the Student Organizations web page.

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