Mathematics is an art, a science and a language

Encompassing the beauty of pattern and structure, the challenge of uncertainty and abstraction, and the excitement of solving problems, Mathematics provides a foundation for much of modern human society. 

Avila University offers a minor in Mathematics. A Middle School Education major with a concentration in math is also offered.

Requirements for earning a minor in mathematics

18 hours in mathematics, to include the following:

  • MA 241 – Calculus & Analytic Geometry I (5 cr)
  • Seven credit hours numbering 200 or above
  • Six credit hours numbering 300 or above

What majors would benefit from a math minor?

Students who are majoring in business educationfinance, and computer science may find that adding a mathematics minor to their resume will increase their marketability. 

Resources: The following website lists careers choices based in mathematics:
Careers Using Math


Hadas Moshonov-Cohavi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
P: 816-501-2448 / E: hadas.moshonov-cohavi

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