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Hands-On Learning

Exceptional classroom engagement is a hallmark The foundation of Avila’s Computer Science program is a range of courses that give students concepts, theory, and practice in the academic discipline. Students can concentrate in either Advanced Computer Science or App Development. 

Commitment to Learning

Upon completing the course requirements in Computer Science, each student should be able to:

  • Acquire appropriate foundational programming skills;
  • Design and implement advanced computer programs to solve problems;
  • Read and communicate computer ideas orally and in writing;
  • Write papers requiring research into the computer discipline;
  • Success in professions related to the computer field.


In addition to the general degree requirements stated in the university catalog, Computer Science majors will be expected to meet the following program outcomes.

  • The student will acquire appropriate foundational programming skills.
    CS 120, CS 222, CS 313, CS 314, CS 365
  • The student will design and implement advanced computer programs to solve problems.
    CS 313, CS 314, CS 222, CS 365, CS 499
  • The student will read and communicate computer ideas orally and in writing.
    CS 110, CS 240, CS 315, CS 345, CS 365
  • The student will write papers requiring research into the computer discipline.
    CS 346
  • The student will succeed in professions related to the computer field.
    CS 495

The outcomes for the Computer Science major are assessed through a combination of course written and performance examinations, written and performance assignments, supervisor evaluations, and a completed capstone project. The supervisor evaluations are based on performance in CS 485 and CS 495. CS 499 requires a senior capstone project to be designed, completed, and then presented to Computer Science faculty.

Computer Science required courses

To receive the Bachelors of Science in Computer Science degree, you must complete the Avila core requirements along with the Computer Science Core Requirements which are as follows:

  • CS 116 Problem Solving with Algorithms (2)
  • CS 120 Intro to CS I (4)
  • CS 195 Intro to SE Careers (1)
  • CS 222 Data Structures (4)
  • CS 314 Java Programming (3)
  • CS 346 Foundations of Computing (3)
  • CS 495 Internship (3)
  • CS 499 Capstone (3)
  • MA 120 College Algebra (3)
  • MA 230 Discrete Math (3)
  • EN 112 English Composition II (3)


In addition to the core requirements, you must choose a concentration area and complete the required courses for the concentration.

  • CS 313 C# Programming
  • CS 321 Networking (3)
  • CS 315  Operating Systems (3)
  • CS 365 Program Language Sys (3)
  • CS Elective Hours (6 below 300)
  • CS Elective Hours (9 above 300) (18)

Smart phones, both Android and IOS, have become an indispensable tool for most everyone and the need to be able to perform every tasks from them has never been greater.   This concentration will give students the necessary skills to be able to compete in an ever changing, technologically rich world.  With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), these skills will become ever more important.  This concentration will provide students the opportunity to gain the skills needed to compete in a workplace focusing more and more on a mobile footprint.  Online activity is growing exponentially and with it the need of IT professionals able to meet the demand.

Major Course Requirements

  • CS 371 – Android App Development
  • CS 372 – iOS App Development
  • CS 373 – Introduction to Game Development
  • CS 374 – Math & Physics for Games
  • CS 375 – App Project
  • CS 313 – C# Programming
  • CS 365 – Program Language Systems
  • CS 170 – Web Page Design
  • CS 319 – Web Page Programming
  • CS 340 – Database Management
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