Initial Teacher Certification Program

Become a K-12 Teacher – Regardless of Your Undergraduate Degree

The demand for teachers is high and increasing. Avila’s Initial Teacher Certification program will provide you with the tools, skills, and confidence to lead in the classroom. As an Avila grad, you’ll pour your undergraduate degree, your life, and your work experiences into a fulfilling career; one that will make a real difference.

This is the perfect program for career-changers looking to teach in elementary, middle, or high school — even if you don’t have a degree in education! This is a graduate-level teacher certification program that bridges smoothly into our Master of Arts in Education program. Giving you an easy path to a higher salary.

You can be in the classroom within one year!

Avila students gain valuable classroom experience right from the beginning. Our teacher certification courses provide a multitude of opportunities to work with teacher-mentors in classrooms across the metro area. Meaning you’ll be well prepared to teach in public or accredited private schools in the grade of your choice.

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Avila prepared me ofr a career in teaching by exposing me to many different classroom experiences. I left with a toolbox full of effective teaching strategies to improve students engagement.
“Teaching is a second career for me and I was looking for a program that provided me a pathway into teaching without having to complete additional course work.  As an older adult, returning to college, I was looking for a program that offered some flexibility in course scheduling, that would meet my needs.”
— Heather Chaszar 

Certification Areas

Elementary 1-6Language Arts 5-9Biology 9-12
Art K-12Mathematics 5-9Business 9-12
Music: Instrumental K-12Science 5-9Chemistry 9-12
Music: Vocal K-12Social Studies 5-9English 9-12
Physical Education K-12Marketing 9-12
Special Education K-12Social Studies 9-12
Speech & Theater 9-12
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Program Cost and Aid

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