What is Faculty Mentoring?

Faculty mentors create supportive, personalized university experiences for new transfer students, helping students acclimate/adapt to Avila and achieve their goals.

This program provides the opportunity to build relationships with faculty, increase your Avila and professional networking base, and gain valuable insights into succeeding at the university level. Faculty mentors are interested and invested in your well-being as you navigate the complexities of university life.

What a faculty mentor can help you with: class performance, career goal plans, persistence to degree, curricular and co-curricular advice and support, resources for networking, internships, research experiences, campus transition and navigation, goal setting for course grades, grade point average, staying in good financial standing, and advice related to long-term career goals.

Our 2021-22 Faculty Mentors

MentorSchedule a Meeting
Alicia MurilloLet’s meet!
Hadas Moshonov-Cohavi, Ph.D.Let’s meet!
Jared Branch, Ph.D.Let’s meet!
Leah Gensheimer, Ph.D.Let’s meet!
Malcolm Gold, Ph.D.Let’s meet!
Omonse Talton, Ph.D.Let’s meet!
Sue Ellen McCalley, Ph.D.Let’s meet!

How to sign up for a mentor

Our pilot group for the Faculty Mentor program this school year (2021-2022) are incoming transfer students. We chose this group of students because we want to provide them with the most amount of resources to help them transition into Avila successfully. These students were assigned to the mentors based on factors like major, race, gender, student preferences, and year in school.

How to become a faculty mentor

If you are a faculty member interested in mentoring students on campus, please contact Dr. Fatima Gines for information regarding the application and interview process.


Fatima K. Gines, Ed.D., Director of Graduate Education Programs
E: fatima.gines

Faculty mentor workshops

Check out the latest workshop facilitated by Dr. Moshonov-Cohavi, Managing Your Stress in Challenging Times

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