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Kansas City, Here You Come!

Answers to International Students’ Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the weather like?

Kansas City experiences all four seasons (sometimes all four in the same week!).

  • The average hottest month is July, 90.1ºF (32.2ºC)
  • The average coldest month is January, 22.4ºF (-4.2ºC)
  • On average, it snows 8.3 days and accumulates up to 13.39 inches (340mm) per year. December is typically the snowiest month.
  • On average, it rains 90.8 days and accumulates up to 39.06 inches (992mm) per year. June is the wettest month of the year.

How will I get around?

Kansas City has a public transportation system (buses, limited light passenger rail, and specialty vans) that is free to all through 2023 at least. We’re the first major city to offer zero fares on all routes. You can access the schedule and get more information at

The Avila campus is located in a safe, upper-middle-class neighborhood that is friendly to bicycles, scooters, and walking. There are several bike-share and scooter-share companies operating in the city, including, Bird Scooters, and Spin Scooters.

The Red Bridge Shopping Center is within walking distance of campus with a grocery store, restaurants, bars, a coffee shop, a public library, a hardware store, and more.

Will I adjust to life in the United States and Avila?

You can adjust to life in the United States. You should try to be active once you arrive, go to all your classes, and participate in as many campus activities as possible. It will help you meet new people and better understand U.S. culture.

What’s the city’s culture like?

Kansas City is considered a culturally rich city with a cultural diversity that includes African, African American, Asian, Latino, Italian, Irish, German, Native American, Slavic, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern. This rich ethnic fabric of Kansas City continues to grow and prosper. The legacy of these communities is celebrated at attractions throughout the city.

Some of the area community organizations that invite your membership or hold events you can attend include:

What kind of fun activities can I do at Avila?

Students at Avila do all kinds of fun activities.  Students can attend plays, shows, sporting events, dances, clubs, and more. You can watch or participate in soccer, baseball, softball, American football, volleyball, and basketball. Avila offers many clubs that students can be a part of.

What should I have with me on the plane?

  • Your passport and a copy of the passport, valid for six months.
  • I-20 form
  • Non-immigrant Visa
  • Copy of your admission letter from Avila
  • Copy of your financial documents
  • U.S. cash ($50 – $100 is suggested)
  • The emergency contact phone number at Avila University: 1+816.985.6079

What will I need for my first few days?

For a smooth transition and a more comfortable start to your Avila experience, be sure to bring:

  • Shanpoo
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Pillow cover
  • Earphones
  • (1) large towel
  • Soap
  • Your prescription medication
  • Electrical power plug converter

Where can I live when I study at Avila?

Most international students live in dormitories while they study at Avila. Living in the dormitories is a good way to meet new friends, participate in campus activities, and adjust to campus life in the U.S.  Students who are under 21 typically need to live in the dormitory. Students who are 21 or older may occasionally live off-campus in one of the apartment complexes close to Avila.

I want to stay at Avila during the breaks. Will the dormitories be open?

Avila’s dormitories are open all year, including all holidays. In addition, an Avila staff member is always on duty in the dormitories.

Are there computers I can use at Avila?

Students can use public computers in different buildings or their own computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc., in the dormitories since each dormitory room is connected to the Internet and has WiFi.

I have taken several classes at a school in my country. Will these classes transfer to Avila?

Normally, classes you have taken at an accredited university/college will transfer to Avila.  However, many of these classes may transfer as electives unless the classes you have already taken are similar in content and contact hours to Avila’s classes.

How do I get to Avila once I arrive at the airport? 

You should purchase a plane ticket to Kansas City International Airport from your country. Please provide us with your airline, flight number, and the day and time of your arrival.

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Need Additional Help?

  • Academic Related questions (major, class registration, and course selection contact: Mary LeCluyse
  • For SEVIS and visa-related questions, contact: Michelle Driscoll
  • For housing-related questions, contact: Daniel Capp
  • For other inquiries or concerns, contact: Hanen Burkee
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