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Congratulations on your acceptance to Avila University. Now, you’re probably wondering, what’s next? We’re glad you asked.While there’s still some time before classes start use this check list to help make your transition to Avila smooth:

  • Keep checking the email address you gave us. Over the upcoming days and weeks, we’ll be reaching out with important events, deadlines, and campus updates
  • If you’ll be a freshman, or are transferring to Avila, sign up for the next SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration) Event. SOAR is where you’ll meet with your advisor, tour campus, see the residence halls, and get registered for your classes.
  • Pay your deposit to hold your spot on campus.
  • Make sure to complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Use Avila’s FAFSA code: 002449
  • Return your signed Award Letter. Email it to
  • Living on campus? Complete and return your housing preference questionnaire, and contract forms.
  • Wondering what to pack? We’ve got a handy list for you at the bottom of this page.

Make Your Deposit

  1. What if I don’t have grades for my last semester in high school?  What will you use to determine admission?
    In this case, admissions to Avila University will be based on the Fall 2019 cumulative GPA
  2. If my school is closed and I can’t get my transcript, can I still be admitted and attend in the fall?
    If official transcripts are unavailable, a student copy from a portal or a self-reported GPA will be used for conditional admission. Official transcripts will need to be provided to Avila University before the first class start in August, 2020.
  3.  If I don’t have a high school class rank, will this affect my scholarships or admission?
    Not having a class rank will not affect your admission or academic scholarships to Avila University. However, if you are an athlete it may affect your eligibility if other measures are not available.
  4.  I can’t take the ACT/SAT. How will that affect my college admission and scholarships/financial aid?
    Avila University has gone “Test Optional” for the Fall 2020 entering class; therefore, it will not affect admission, scholarships, or financial aid.
  5.  My GPA went down for my last semester. Will this affect my scholarships or admission?
    Admission and select scholarships will be based on Fall 2019 cumulative GPA.
  6. Is there still a requirement for freshmen to live on campus or will I need to make other arrangements?
    As of this writing, freshmen will be required to live on campus unless they are within a 45-minute commute distance from the university.
  7.  I don’t like or do well in online courses. Can I take in-person courses in the fall?  If courses are moved online, how will technical courses be offered?
    At this point, we anticipate being back to offering in-person courses on campus.  This is highly dependent on the orders that we receive from the city of Kansas City and/or the state of Missouri regarding COVID-19.  In the event we are not yet back in classes, Avila will continue to provide support for students through our online platforms and other technologies to assure that students are successful in all courses.  In cases of technical courses, we are working with students to assure they have personal access to software through a download or through remote access to student labs or assigned laptops.
  8.  Will there be any changes to the requirements to receive transfer credit for AP or CLEP exams?
    There are no changes for requirements for credit for AP, CLEP, Dantes Exams or International Baccalaureate.  We will continue to process and provide credit as currently outlined.
  9.  My last semester’s high school dual credit courses were online. Will they still count for college credit?
    Avila University does not distinguish between formats for courses when providing credit.  Completion of online courses are processed the same as the completion of in-person courses.
  10.  I was in college prep (AP, dual credit, or honors courses) my senior year before they were moved online, and we didn’t have in-person instruction.  I’m not sure I am ready for college-level work now.  What are my options, or what services will be available to help me?
    Avila University has various student support services including: First-Year Experience, tutoring, writing and math labs, access to TRIO student services (if grant requirements are met), counseling and access to the departments of Student Success and Student Access.
  11.  Will there be opportunities to take summer bridge courses/orientation in person?
    This opportunity will depend on the status of the COVID orders from Kansas City or the state of Missouri.  At this current time, we anticipate that the government will extend the stay-at-home order will extend further into the summer, possibly into June.  We are hopeful to be able to return to in-person activities and classes as soon as allowed and possible.
  12.  Does your institution provide opportunities for early admission or flexibility with receiving final high school grades and transcripts for admissions?
    Avila University provides early admission opportunities and will accept a student copy of transcripts or “screenshot” from a student portal if official transcripts are not available. Students without official transcripts will be admitted to the university conditionally. All official transcripts must be received prior to the first day of Fall 2020 classes.
  13.  How is virtual/online high school education viewed in the admissions and financial aid processes? Is it considered equal to in-person instruction?
    For admission and financial aid purposes, online education at Avila University is viewed the same as in-person instruction.
  14.  Will there be any changes to financial aid packages for the fall?
    Financial packages will not be changed as a result of conditional admittance or final high school GPA’s.

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