Center for Student Excellence: Navigate

What is Navigate?

Navigate is a Student Success Management System for higher education that helps schools proactively manage student success and retention.

Navigate Features

  • Different meeting types to choose from (phone, virtual, or in-person)
  • Review meeting notes left by faculty and staff
  • View your grades
  • Send and receive emails
  • View your class schedule
  • Receive 4-week progress reports
  • View midterm grades
  • Student mobile app (coming soon)
  • Find and join a study group (coming soon)


Contact for questions or help

You can also visit the Navigate Help Center for step-by-step instructions and articles on best practices.

Student Guides

How to set up a tutoring, advising, or success appointment, and other features

Navigate Training Presentation

Navigate Student Training (20 minutes)

Set Up a Tutoring Appointment

How to Find Meeting Notes

Set Up an Appointment with Faculty/Staff

Who is on your Student Success Team?


Is Navigate where I view my grades?

Yes. You can view your grades in Navigate, but for your official transcripts, you will need to log into MyAU. To view real-time updates on your grades and grades for each assignment, log into Canvas. 

What do I do if I can’t log in?

Email about your login issues and we can troubleshoot.

Can I read the notes that the faculty or staff member left after we have a meeting?

Yes and no. The faculty or staff member has the ability to make the notes private and just for them. So you may not be able to see all the notes from every meeting you’ve had. 

How early in advance can I schedule a meeting with someone on campus? 

12 hours is the standard for most offices. Some offices might be different depending on their availability. 

What do I do if I’m trying to set up a meeting and there’s no availability? 

Reach out directly to the person you are wanting to meet with to see if they have more days and times available. 

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