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Don’t Cancel That Class!

Avila Faculty Member: Called away on business? Attending a conference? Family obligations?

There’s no need to cancel your class!

We can cover your class and present on various topics relevant to Avila students

This program is designed to help faculty members who may need to be absent during their normal class time. If you are planning to be gone and will be unable to teach, please consider letting us use that time!

Even if you don’t need to cancel a class, you are always welcome to request any of these presentations for your classes throughout the year.

If possible, please give a reasonable amount of notice (48 hours) if you know you will be absent for meetings, conferences, vacations, etc. We cannot guarantee that we will be available for every request, though we will try hard to fill as may request as our schedules allow


Academic Success and Tutoring Services

  • Intro to Avila AST Services and Facilitated Study Session Demo
  • Studying Smarter 101
  • What Just Happened? Debriefing Tests to Maximize Learning

Career Services

  • Establish Your Career SMART Goals
  • Career Planning and Preparation
  • Digital & Social Media Best Practices

Counseling Services

  • Updates coming soon!

Writing Center

  • Finding Sources for Research Papers
  • Brainstorming and Pre-writing Strategies
  • Writing Introductions and Literature Reviews in the Sciences
  • Argument-based Writing
  • MLA Workshop
  • APA Workshop
  • How to Avoid Plagiarism
  • Revision Workshop
  • Write-In (Facilitated Work on Writing Project)

Learning Commons

  • Library and Database Introduction
  • Writing and Citing in Different Formats
  • Fake News and Alt-Facts: How to Find Good Information

Student Success

  • Don’t Let Time Manage You: Time Management Skills
  • Test Preparation 101
  • Understanding & Utilizing Support Services
  • Managing Group Work
  • Understanding the Learning/Memory Cycle

TRIO SSS (Student Support Services)

  • Goal Setting
  • Keys to Graduating From College

For more information or to schedule a class, submit the form or contact dontcancelthatclass@avila.edu

Workshops for Faculty & Staff

Using virtual tools to engage your students, classrooms, and organizations.
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