Bachelor's Degree Core Curriculum

In order to participate in an education that has both breadth and depth, all students complete a Core Curriculum and a Major Curriculum. Each course of study is designed so that clearly identified objectives are built upon and reinforced.

Avila University Core Curriculum

The Avila Core Curriculum manifests Avila’s commitment to higher education grounded in the Liberal Arts. Focused on gaining an understanding of human culture and the physical world, the core requires students to study arts, humanities, mathematics, and sciences. To complete the core, students take a clear series of courses taught by disciplinary specialists, working toward intellectual integration of diverse ways to examine culture and the world. Alongside disciplinary-specific courses, Avila’s Core Curriculum emphasizes crossing boundaries and reaching beyond one’s self to see the value of collaboration, community, and global perspectives. Altogether the Core Curriculum is divided into three levels of requirements that students complete while meeting the requirements for their baccalaureate degrees.

  • Skills Level requirements develop fundamental skills key for both academic and professional success.
  • Liberal Arts Level requirements provide diverse disciplinary lenses through which to examine the world. Concepts learned and viewpoints experienced at this level promote critical thinking and ethical decision-making with reference to real-life situations across the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and arts.
  • Core Component Designations requirements focus on seeing beyond the self, immediate community, or chosen discipline. Designations include Interdisciplinary Studies, Global Studies, and Community Engagement, all of which call for application of learning across boundaries.
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