School of Business: Awards & Spotlights

2021 Award Winners

2020-21 Avila University School of Business
Academic Achievement Awards

Outstanding MBA &
William Randall Sowers Accounting Leadership Award

Headshot of Omonlola Hounkanrin
Omonlola Hounkanrin
Kansas City Missouri

Avila Faves: After successfully completing an MBA in Finance, I felt the need to acquire accounting skills to achieve my goal of being a financial manager later. Avila university offers me the tools and resources to upgrade my skills, which landed my first professional experiences; and to complete an MBA in Accounting. I had a vision, disciplined myself, worked, believed, and finally achieved it with the school by my side all through the journey. 

Updates/Plans: I am currently an Accounting Clerk for a private firm, and at the same time preparing my CPA & CFA certificates. I plan to use all these skills to propel my professional career.

Undergraduate Award Winners

Headshot of Rachel Doctor
Rachel Doctor
Overland Park, Kansas

Major: Marketing (honoree)
Minor: Management

Avila Faves: When I got to Avila, I found myself surrounded with professors who were just as invested in my education as I was. I transferred to Avila during my sophomore year and I am so grateful for that decision when looking back. From the small class sizes, personalized instruction, and dedicated professors, Avila provided me with the perfect college experience to set me up for success as I graduate.

Updates/Plans: I am currently working part time for a Comprehensive Healthcare Strategic Planning & Marketing Consulting firm in the Kansas City area, and I am beginning to explore future full time employment options in Marketing to pursue moving ahead. 

Headshot of Erin Mullins
Erin Mullins
Peculiar, Missouri

Major: Management (honoree)
Minor: Finance (honoree)

Avila Faves: As a mother with a deployed husband pursuing a higher education, I had a lot of “unique situations” arise during my journey at Avila University. Every Professor and faculty member I encountered was very accommodating and understanding throughout my experience, which I could not be even more grateful for. The quality of education and assistance I received during my three and a half years was amazing. Avila has not only given me tools in order to start building towards a successful career, but friendships and memories that I will forever cherish.  

Updates/Plans: I plan on pursuing a career in management. Eventually, I would love to further my education by receiving my MBA. 

Student Spotlights

“All of the opportunities you have at Avila give you resources to go on in life. Professors not only know what they’re talking about, but they care. From step A to B, Avila is with you. They want to see you succeed, so they give you the resources you need to succeed.”
Lisa York ’13

“It’s been a really good experience for me. Avila has great faculty willing to work with students. Class sizes are small, so it’s easier to learn, I think, and get help when you need it. I’m sure I’ll be able to apply skills I learned here in the work force.”
Justin Sciclina ’14

“My four years at Avila have been amazing. I’ve grown a lot as a person. Career services at Avila guided me toward my internship, and it’s been huge for me. It’s the perfect ending to my classwork, just to see what you’ll be doing in the real world. You get a taste of it. It was a great learning experience. And, I established a good relationship there. I’m pretty set to work there after I finish grad school.”
Kevin Booker ’13

“I felt like coming to college out of high school, I was more of a quiet person. At Avila, I’ve learned to be more of a leader and know how I want to be seen in a professional way. Avila has a very good name in this community. People hear you name Avila, and they believe you have a good head on your shoulders.”
Shawna Westphal ’13

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