School of Business: Awards & Spotlights

2023 Award Winners

2022-23 Avila University School of Business
Academic Achievement Awards

Outstanding MBA

Kaitlin (Katie) Alcox
Kansas City, MO

Avila Faves: “During my time at Avila I gained a new perspective of what can be accomplished through hard work and dedication. Avila had fantastic course offerings that were robust and conveniently able to be tackled in 8-week sessions. They blended right into the skills I was looking to develop and allowed me to maintain a healthy school/work/life balance. The professors were truly knowledgeable in their fields and provided the support and expertise needed to succeed. Avila allowed me the opportunity to grow within my profession and fostered my passion for life-long learning.”

Updates/Plans: “After Avila, I am continuing to develop in my role at Honeywell FM&T and have my sights set for furthered growth within the organization. I welcome my next adventure with full courage enriched through my continued education in the Master’s in Business Administration Program at Avila.” 

Undergraduate Award Winners

Kyleighn Block
Olathe, Kansas

Major: Management (honoree)

Avila Faves: “When I transferred to Avila as a junior, I immediately felt welcomed into the School of Business. Wendy Acker was my advisor, and she always went above and beyond helping me get the right class schedule. Malcolm Gold reached out to me to meet with him for a mentor program, and is always a friendly face around campus. Dr. Buckler helped get everything set up for my business internship which turned into a very formative experience for my career. I had the pleasure of taking Operations Management with Paul Kirsch this past fall, and it was easily my favorite class I’ve taken at Avila. This is not because I enjoyed learning about supply chain, but because Professor Kirsch was so caring and welcoming that it made me excited to learn about something I previously had little interest in.”

Updates/Plans: “I am currently in the 4 + 1 program, and plan to finish my MBA with an emphasis in HR Management while using my last year of eligibility on the volleyball court.”

Chloe Schumaker
Raymore, Missouri

Major: Marketing (honoree)

Avila Faves: “On a whim, I transferred to Avila University a little over a year ago on the first day of classes. After deciding to leave my previous college and pursue a completely different major, facing so much change in so little time was nerve-racking. However, Avila took such good care of me, they made it easy. Everyone is so kind and actually cares to see you succeed, I knew from day one that this was the college for me. Avila has several wonderful professors that will do everything they can to see you succeed which is something that was lacking in my previous college. I 1000% recommend Avila!”

Updates/Plans: “I currently have a marketing internship for AWG (Associated Wholesale Grocers) lined up for the summer. After the summer, I hope to get offered a job there!”

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