Applied Health Science Certificate


The Applied Health Science Certificate provides students with foundational knowledge in health sciences to prepare for entry-level positions or further study in nursing and allied health science fields. Students complete a curriculum focused on understanding the structure and function of the human body along with foundational concepts including chemistry, microbiology, and statistics.

Upon completion, students will have developed core knowledge in health sciences to continue studies in fields such as nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, medical laboratory science, and more. The Applied Health Science Certificate is a valuable stepping stone to begin a health science career.

Applied Health Science Certificate Requirements

Minimum of 16 hours (most will be more)

Students must take the following courses: 8 Credit Hours
BI 231Anatomy & Physiology I4
CH 131Principles of Chemistry4
Students must take 3 of the following courses: 8 – 11 Credit Hours
BI 152General Microbiology4
BI 232Anatomy & Physiology II4
EC 240Statistical Analysis3
HE/NU 325Understanding Pathophysiology3
PY 208Lifespan Development3
HE/NU 111Nutrition3
HE/NU 124Medical Terminology2

 ** BI 220 – can equate to BI 231 and BI 232

Transfer Limitations: Incoming students can only transfer in 6 credits from other institutions.  Transfer in courses must contain matching lab components. (i.e. – General Microbiology transferred in must be a course with a lab)

Admissions Requirements

  • Graduation from an accredited secondary school or its equivalent (GED) is a prerequisite for admission


Upon completing this program, students will be able to:

  • Integrate knowledge of the hierarchical structures and physiological functions of major human body systems.
  • Incorporate an understanding of basic chemistry principles related to health sciences.
  • Synthesize knowledge of how different microorganisms contribute to human health and disease.


Student learning in the Applied Health Science Certificate program is assessed through signature assignments in each course designed to measure achievement of the program’s learning outcomes. The signature assessments collect and analyze data to identify trends and inform continuous improvement efforts for the Applied Health Science Certificate curriculum.

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