Avila Photography Guidelines

Branded Imagery for Avila University

Photography and videography are powerful visual mediums that the University uses to tell a story — the Avila story. The University’s imagery is engaging, emotional, inclusive, playful, and accessible like our students and our community. Our imagery provides an insight into who we are, what it’s like to be here, and what we do at Avila.

The University’s still photography presents its stories in an authentic, photojournalistic, documentary style. The focus is on the humanity in the frame.  Even traditional campus landscape, facilities, and landmark images should include humans or the positive impact of Avila’s people on the landscape.

Avila logos, colors, and other identifiers are a bonus but not a requirement. For example, not all Avila students wear Avila gear all the time, so not all University images need to feature Avila branded gear. But what we all do have in common are Avila’s values. All brand photos must illustrate one or more of Avila’s values

  • The worth, dignity, and potential of every human
  • Diversity and its expression
  • Right relationships
  • Excellence in teaching and learning
  • Development of the whole person
  • Service to the Dear Neighbor

Based on the charism of our founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, these values are what differentiates Avila from other institutions. And this is what also differentiates the University’s brand imagery.

Avila brand videography follows the guidelines of still photography while adding engaging action of both the camera and the subject. Brand videography is used to communicate individual stories aligned with the values of the University. 

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