Avila's Global Talent Program

Unlock the world’s best talent

At Avila, we are hanging the game in talent acquisition and development.

We’re thrilled to introduce an exclusive opportunity that will transform the way you attract, train, and retain international talent. Introducing Avila’s Global Talent Program:

  • Global Reach: Avila’s unique approach opens doors to a world of exceptional candidates eager to learn and contribute.
  • Attract the Best: Access a global pool of top-tier talent.
  • Comprehensive Talent Development: Avila acts as your partner in talent development, offering world-class education combined with hands-on experience. Exceptional candidates may even qualify for Avila scholarships, further reducing the financial burden on your organization.
  • Cost-Efficient Talent Pipeline: Leverage your tuition reimbursement budget to sponsor these candidates’ education and upskill your workforce.
  • Seamless Transition: Avila simplifies the immigration journey, ensuring a smooth transition from student to valuable team member. However, it’s crucial to note that the H1-B visa process always carries a degree of uncertainty. Companies often invest significantly and face the risk of losing in the lottery.
  • Stay Ahead: Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to secure international talent, upskill your team, and drive innovation and growth.
  • The Competitive Edge: Join forward-thinking companies that are reshaping the future of work with Avila University.
  • Act Now: Contact us today to explore this exclusive opportunity and unlock the potential of global talent within your organization.
Avila University – Where Talent Knows No Borders

Partnering with Avila’s OPT program will provide you with an opportunity to train and retain international students as employees and will help set your company apart with top notch talent in the industry.


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