Honors Program

Challenge yourself.

As an Avila Honors student, you will enrich your education with an in-depth academic exploration tailored to your needs and interests. You will be challenged. You will explore new ideas and possibilities. You will build the skills to make a difference in our community.

In addition, Honors Program membership offers you:

  • Personalized learning experiences
  • The opportunity to build meaningful, one-on-one relationships with faculty
  • An honors designation on your transcript
  • A medal at graduation

All Honors work and experiences count toward your degree.

How to apply

  • Pre-admitted students can apply here.
  • Conditionally admitted students can apply here.
  • Current or transfer students can apply here.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2024-2025 Academic Year.

Space in the Honors Program is limited and first-come, first-serve for students who qualify. Students who qualify and apply after the program is full will be placed on a wait list.

To get more information, talk to your admissions representative, e-mail honors@avila.edu, or view the resources we have available on the left-hand side.

Application Requirements


You will be asked to indicate that you have earned one of the following here:

  • HS GPA of 3.5+ or
  • ACT of 25+ or
  • SAT 1200+

We will contact your admissions representative to verify.


You will be asked to submit both of the following here:

  • HS GPA of 3.25+ (we will verify with your admissions representative) and
  • Admission essay

Transfer/Late Join

You will be asked to submit two of the following here:

  • College GPA 3.5+
  • Letter of recommendation from academic source
  • Admission essay

Transfer or current students must complete at least two academic years in the Honors Program.

Program Requirements


Complete two.

HN 180: Honors Seminar I. Enroll Fall of your FIRST year in the program.

HN 480: Honors Seminar II. Enroll in Fall of your LAST year in the program.

Cultural & Community Experiences (CCEs)

Complete two semesters.

See Honors Program Overview for more information. An example end-of-semester presentation can be found here.

Honors Enhancements (HEs)

Complete five.

These are enhancements you add to existing classes. Any class is eligible so long as it is for-credit and has professor’s approval. You can find more information here.

Examples include: research papers, additional readings and discussions, research proposals, conference presentations, creative projects.

You will earn credit for HN 180 and HN 480 when you take them, and 7 credits for the rest of the experiences once they have all been completed.

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