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The Women Religious Special Collections include thousands of books from the Evelyn O’Neill Collection, the George C. Stewart Collection, and the Mary Austin Carroll Collection.

The collection also includes archival materials of specific women’s religious orders, such as the Sisters for Christian Community.

Women Religious Special Collections

Begun in the fall of 1997, these collections are unique as the first college/university Special Collection focused entirely on the experience of Catholic sisters and nuns. Intended as a repository for out-of-print and contemporary books, manuscripts, pamphlets, photographs, ephemera and other materials by, for and about American sisters, the Women Religious Special Collections were created to provide researchers with access to these materials, which relate to the communities and activities of sisters and nuns in the United States.

Avila University Archives

Within this collection you will find a wide variety of primary source material that relates to all aspects of the history of Avila University, from its foundation in 1916 to the present day. These materials include official records, university publications, photographs, ephemera, memorabilia, as well as materials related to alumni, former faculty, staff and administrators.

CSJ Heritage Center Archives

Contains the records of the U. S. Federation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. The Federation is an association of congregations of women religious who acknowledge Saint Joseph as their patron, Father Medaille as their founder, and share a common tradition and a unique spirit as their heritage. The Federation records describe the structure of the organization by giving details of its origin in 1966, as well as its administrative features, including the officers, official meetings and committee structures and activities.

Online Resources
Visit the U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph Digital Archive or check out the U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph Blog.

University Archives – Digital Collections

University Publications
This collection consists of student newspapers, yearbooks, course catalogs, sports guides, student literary magazines, promotional brochures, and various other university publications. 

University Photographs
You will find hundreds of historic Avila photos on our University Archives’ Flickr site.

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