School of Imaging Science: Faculty

Radiologic Science Faculty

Headshot for Sarah Sanford

Sarah Sanford, M.S.Ed., RT(R)(CT)

Program Director and Assistant Professor of Imaging Sciences Phone 816-501-3624

Dana Adler, M.S.Ed, RT(R)(M)

Instructor, Radiologic Science Phone 816-501-3612
Headshot for Taylor Otto

Taylor Otto, B.S.RT RT(R)


Radiologic Science Adjunct Faculty

Kellie Henry (2016)
Radiologic Science, R.T. (R)
Colorado Technical University

Jennifer Ward (2020) 
Radiologic Science. B.S.R.T., R.T.(R)
Avila University

Janie Staley (2017) 
Radiologic Science. B.S.R.T.(R)
Avila University

Alex York (2016) 
Radiologic Science. B.S.R.T., R.T.(R)
Avila University

Crystal Schoenberger (2007) 
Radiologic Science. B.S.R.T, R.T.(R)
Avila University

Missy Shobe (2011) 
Radiologic Science, R.T.(R)
Research Medical Center 

Kami Bates (2019) 
Radiologic Science. R.T.(R)(M)
North Kansas City Hospital School of Radiologic Technology

Kelly Wellman (2013) 
Radiologic Science. B.S., R.T.(R)
Avila University

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